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Bab al-Louq, Cairo -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- As it stands today, E-commerce websites lose about 8% of annual revenue due to human error when inputting address details on an online order. The details are either incomplete, misspelled, or not in standard format and this is due to the manual nature of the address input process. Another problem with the current system is that some countries do not have proper addressing systems, meaning the inputted details may not match what the delivery service needs to deliver an order, leading to a failed order and loss of revenue.

The LocName API will solve delivery issues by providing a full address verification system relies on a massive database of worldwide addresses gathered, reviewed and verified real time by real users through crowdsourcing. The solution that will help capturing customers' addresses automatically in accurate, complete and standard format.

The LocName address capturing is a one solution divided into two parts; The Form Simplifier to make address input easier and more accurate, and the Delivery Optimizer to make the delivery process more efficient and accessible.

The Form Simplifier

A simple code that can be added to any web page that will replace standard address form with one simple field. This field will take any full address input from the customer and return a list of suggested and verified addresses with correct spelling and format. The one field, as opposed to the standard five or six, will make it more convenient for the customer to input their address. It will also ensure that the inputted address is correct in order to minimize any failed attempts at delivering an order that would reduce revenue for the seller.

The one field will be accompanied by a map that will allow the user to pinpoint their exact GPS location when placing an order. The map will capture the customer's GPS coordinates, automatically. Once the customer confirms his GPS location on map all the address fields will be automatically with accurate, complete and standard format details

The Delivery Optimizer

A set of dashboard reports that will give sellers and delivery agents critical information that will aide in the delivery process, leading to more efficiency and further reducing costs. Information on the reports include (but not limited to) time and distance for a specific order, associated costs with delivery, and cumulative analytics that give insight about the status of the current system. The Delivery Optimizer also plans routes by grouping order locations based on proximity and determines the best times to deliver those orders and the shortest route between those destinations.

LocName Cloud database

LocName API is packed with huge crowd sourced addresses database that is always collected, updated and verified by real users. The data collection happens by LocName users and online crawlers that collects addresses from all over the internet, review and verification happen with real users who are using LocName applications and cleanup and standardization happens through LocName engine which uses a set of sophisticated algorithms to clean, structure and standardize data.

About Locname
Locname is a young startup based in Egypt and running with a group of talented entrepreneurs who have started their journey April 2014 with LocName first product The Address shortened, which is a web and mobile app that shortens address details into a short, unique and permanent name that can be shared easily.

The LocName address verification system is currently under development at the LocName lab and is due to launch midsummer 2015.

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