New Collaborative Community Campaign to Accept 15 Panhandle Businesses


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- ULiveWV.org is currently accepting 15 select small businesses of the Eastern Panhandle to participate in a collaborative community campaign.

The promotion will focus on delivering engaging content about the positive people, places and organizations within the Eastern Panhandle. Chosen businesses will have their brand incorporated exclusively throughout the entire campaign.

The collaborative community campaign structure connects small businesses with local freelance workers as a way to produce entertaining content that residents can view on the internet.

Approved business owners will enjoy a complete mix of promotional tactics that will greatly expand the reach of their brands. Creative methods using social media, content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, banner advertising, co-op marketing and more, will all be included in the promotional strategy of this collaborative campaign.

Owners battling with the challenge of trying to find the most effective way to promote their business will find this community campaign as a great relief.

ULiveWV.org will use its network of local freelance workers to produce attention attracting content that will both entertain residents while promoting participating businesses. Business owners will essentially have their own team of specialists working to drive more leads and sales to their doors.

Another powerful element of collaborative community campaigns is the reach businesses can achieve when teaming up with local freelancers. These freelance workers are Panhandle residents with social networks containing hundreds, even thousands, of fans. By partnering with freelance workers, owners can get their branded messages "personally referred" to the freelancer's network of family and friends.

Imagine a freelance worker, who has written an amazing article about a business, eagerly sharing it with their network of social media fans. This unique working relationship will enable businesses to reach residents on a deeper, personal level. It's the best "word of mouth" advertising around.

Devin Dozier, ULiveWV's Program Manager, states that, "Collaborative campaigns are beneficial for everyone in the community; businesses get an effective form of marketing, freelancers earn extra income for doing what they love and residents can follow fascinating content created by people right in their own neighborhood."

The collaborative community campaign will be operated completely by independent freelancers who are each specialists at their own trade. People with exceptional talents, such as writing, videography, photography, marketing, acting, music, graphic designers, etc… will all collaborate together to deliver fun and unique content.

Using freelancers opens up the campaign to limitless possibilities and gives businesses the pleasure of having a "hands-free" automated marketing system working on their behalf.

To be selected for this extraordinary campaign, your business must be located in Martinsburg WV, Charles Town WV, Berkeley Springs WV or another city of the Eastern Panhandle. Spots are exclusive with no competitors.There will be only ONE business for each available industry. The campaign will not launch until all 15 spots have been filled. In order to maintain promotional value of the campaign, there will be no increase in the number of available spots.

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Business owners who would like more details on participating in ULiveWV's collaborative community campaign or would like information on developing a campaign in another community can email: support@ulivewv.com

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