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Recent Statistics Reveal That Around 629,000 Workers Were Reported as Being Involved in an Accident at Work in 2013-2014; the Accident Team Comments


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- Statistics released by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) showed that of 629,000 accident cases, 203,000 led to people needing at least 3 days' off work and 148,000 led to over 7 days absence from work.

During the Same period, there was 139 fatalities, primarily due to falling from height, moving machinery or collision with a moving vehicle.

Manual handling was responsible for a large portion of major accidents that resulted in over 7 day's absence from work.

Slips, trips and falls, which might be considered minor incidents, actually accounted for 35% of all reported accidents in the workplace, with 29% of these cases resulting in 7 or more days absence from work. The combination of manual handling and slips, trips and falls were responsible for over 1.9 million working days being lost last year alone.

The Accident Team are experts regarding personal injury law as well as frequent commentators upon legal news and events. They were quick to reflect in light of revealed statistics.

"That there have been 629,000 accident cases in the workplace between 2013-2014 will be potentially shocking statistics for many," A spokesperson said "After all, a workplace should be a place of safety and security – yet these results seem to reflect that this has been otherwise in a number of places. That is why it is so important, both as an employer and an employee, that you are fullyaware and up-to-date with all the appropriate health and safety regulations. We are passionate about getting people the justice and safety they deserve in the workplace and in light of these statistics, hope that others are also."

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