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New Kraut Delivered to the Good People of Earth


Astoria, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2010 -- The fifth Von Sleight album, New Kraut, takes the avant-electronic, jazz, space rock, and warped pop styles from previous albums and infuses these sounds with Krautrock and dub. The result is something like the analog tape recordings of Neu! being accidentally spliced together with Hawkwind, Cluster, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Miles Davis, and The Residents. The instruments used on this album include Korg MS-20, fretless bass, Electribe, trumpet, electronic and analog drums, Kaossilator, and MIDI instruments. The video for the title track follows a UFO that delivers New Kraut to the good people of earth. Like a virus from outer space, the New Kraut is discovered and gets propagated into supermarkets for mass commercialization. New Kraut is not a sandwich, it’s a casserole.

Von Sleight formed in June 2005 in an attempt to merge analog synthesizers, homemade instruments, electrified household objects, and other strange percussive devices. The first album, Fringe Biology, is mostly a one-take experimental space rock session cut into multiple tracks and was completed in 2005. The second album, Signs of Life, was completed in 2006 and is a more structured and eclectic mix of styles than the first, varying from ambient krautrock to Joy Division meets Tiki exotica to early industrial with tinges of jazz. Scandinavia Darkly, the third full-length release from 2007, was inspired by adventures in Scandinavia and mixes MIDI instruments with homemade instruments/objects/devices and analog synthesizers. Styles include the Residents meet Kraftwerk “Radiation in the Eyeball”, Finnish painter/graphic artist Hugo Simberg inspired “Symphony For Simberg”, and Charles Mingus / African Head Charge hybrid “Sibelius and Salmiakki”. The fourth album, Sieves & Cyphers, was completed in 2008 and will be released with a companion EP. Both of these releases emphasize the use of the Kaoss Pad, mixed with rhythmic freakouts, jazz, and Der Plan-like percussion. New Kraut, the fifth album, will be released on Fringe Biology Recordings on 10/10/10 for their 10th release. All Von Sleight releases can be purchased from Fringe Biology Recordings and most can be found on CD Baby, iTunes, and other digital distributors. For more information, please visit or contact Fringe Biology Recordings.

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