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Mold-Removal Company Works for Free to Help Ill Grandmother


Bay City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Michigan mold-removal specialists, Elliot Environmental, has removed the mold in the home of Mount Morris grandmother, free of charge, to help Rose, who suffered from respiratory problems related to the mold, get back on her feet and continue to provide the support and shelter her family so badly needs.

Rose lives with her daughters and grandchildren in a small house which had a serious black mold problem in the kitchen, bathroom and basement. Rose's home is in a high crime neighbourhood and has been broken into 11 times in the last year alone. So the mold and the health problems it triggered were about the last thing she needed.

Black mold grows in damp places on walls, windows and even on furniture and under carpets. It is a living organism which releases spores and toxins into the air, and it's these that can trigger health problems in vulnerable people, including respiratory difficulties, watery eyes and headaches.

Elliot Environmental carried out a mold inspection of Rose's home in April this year, and produced a plan to solve the problem once and for all. But when company owner Brian Carson realized Rose's difficult financial circumstances, he made sure that the work was carried out for free.

"Even though the doctor told Rose that the mold was behind the health problems that had forced her to give up work, she simply didn't have the money to get the work done," explains Carson, "and we wanted to do something to help," he adds.

The mold removal was carried out in May. Rose's health is now improving and Elliot Environmental is continuing to monitor the home to ensure it continues to be safe from mold problems and that Rose can recover completely.

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