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Bear Branch Dental Solves Missing Teeth with Dental Implants


Woodlands, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Patients missing a tooth or teeth can rejoice to know that Dr. Virgil Gutierrez of Bear Branch Dental is well versed in implant dentistry. Not only are implants made to look extremely natural, they are also permanent and stable, making them an excellent option for tooth replacement.

A dental implant is a substitute tooth root that is anchored into the jawbone to provide a solid foundation for porcelain crowns. Implants are constructed of titanium, a strong and safe material that effectively attaches to bone.

"By using implants, I'm able to give my patients back the ability to chew and enjoy their favorite foods, while eliminating the inconvenience and embarrassment associated with removable teeth," says Dr. Gutierrez, "The placement of dental implants can also help prevent jawbone loss, a very common problem associated with missing teeth."

The procedure to insert dental implants typically consists of three steps: the implant insertion stage, osseointegration (the period of healing for the jawbone), and the attachment of the crown or new tooth.

Although getting an implant involves surgery, it is considered far superior to a dental bridge, as it does not require adjacent teeth to be sacrificed. How dental implant surgery is performed depends on the type of implant and the condition of the patient's jawbone.

Dr. Gutierrez explains, "I first examine your teeth and gums, and check your bone density. Then, I take some x-rays and may perform a dental CT scan to be certain that you possess sufficient bone structure for the dental implant to be placed. Computer imaging also ensures that the implants can be precisely positioned in the jawbone."

About Dr. Gutierrez
Dr. Gutierrez continues to expand his knowledge by attending extensive continuing education courses across the nation and internationally. He employs some of the most advanced dental technology and software available in our practice in order to enjoy the privilege of treatment planning esthetic and surgical cases together with his patients.

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