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Dr. Bret Gilsdorf Fixes Snoring and Sleep Apnea


Manhattan, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2015 -- Snoring affects around a third of people in America. This in turn affects 73 percent of individuals who have their sleep disturbed by a snoring partner.

While snoring may seem physically harmless, it may actually be a red flag for a much more serious and sometimes fatal condition called obstructive sleep apnea. "This happens when the air passage deflates, blocking airflow into the lungs," explains Dr. Gilsdorf. "The harder you try to breathe, the tighter the air passage seals. This airway blockage persists until the brain partly wakes you up."

The exhausting sleep apnea cycle starts when a person falls asleep. The jaw relaxes and the air passage collapses. When this happens, the brain struggles to rouse itself before suffocation. The person unconsciously awakens with a gasp, before falling back to sleep, only to start the cycle again. This cycle can repeat itself 50 more times each hour during the night.

"Everyone knows about the ugly results of second-hand smoke, but are you aware of how serious second-hand snoring can be?" asks Dr Gilsdorf. Research shows that bed partners of people who snore are losing just as much sleep as the snorer. Given that snorers can produce nearly 80 decibels of sound, these noisy rumbles are detrimental to both the snorer and their bedmate.

According to recent research done by the Mayo Clinic and Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, second-hand snoring can cause pain, excessive fatigue, and even deafness with exposure to certain sound frequencies.

To combat snoring, Dr. Gilsdorf offers his patients a lightweight dental device that is worn like a mouthguard and molded to fit each individual. The snore-stopping appliance helps the snorer keep the lower jaw positioned slightly forward, preventing the airway from closing and ending the vibration of the soft tissues.

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