Rosanne Clementi Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Start Manufacturing Pad-Go-Round

Pad-Go-Round promises to be the most versatile tablet holder with two to four handles for a better grip. The total funding requirement to start manufacturing Pad-Go-Round is $22,000.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- Like all inventions, Pad-Go-Round was created by Rosanne Clementi out of necessity. Rosanne recently won a Kindle in a ruffle. Being an arthritis patient, she soon discovered the difficulties in holding the tablet for long periods. Moreover, her thumb touched the screen constantly, changing the page before she was done with the page. After a futile internet search, she decided to develop a device to put handles on electronic tablets.

Pad Go Round is a patented device capable of adding two or more handles to most of the electronic tablets. These handles can be adjusted by sliding them on a specially designed base. Small aluminum retaining plates have been added to secure the handles. With these handles, tablet users will have a firm grip on their tablets for a wide range of activities.

The uniquely designed bottom of the base makes Pad Go Round versatile. With four legs on the bottom with rubber bumpers, the tablet can be elevated from the surface to keep it protected from spills. The base also has loops at the corners to attach a lanyard. Most importantly, Pad Go Round will not block the charging port, the lens or the earphone jack on most electronic tablets. Users have the freedom to customize how they want to use their Pad Go Round and tablet.

Pad Go Round will be manufactured using high impact and shock resistant ABS plastic. The handles will have a slip-resistant coating. It will be available in two sizes. The smaller one will fit tablets the size of the Kindle Fire and the iPad mini. Whereas, the larger one fits tablets the size of the iPad.

Currently at the final refinement phase of the project, Rosanne Clementi has already spent all her money for the prototypes to refine the design. Now she needs funding support to pay for the injection molds. Rosanne has just started a Kickstarter campaign to cover this expense. This project will only be funded if at least $22,000 is pledged by June 23, 2015.

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About Pad Go Round
Pad Go Round is the first tablet holder to actually provide the user a variety of options for holding and using a tablet. This is a patented device capable of adding two or more handles to most of the electronic tablets.