Energy Harvesting: Off-Grid Renewable Power for Devices, Vehicles, Structures

The Report Energy Harvesting: Off-grid Renewable Power for Devices, Vehicles, Structures 2015-2025 provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. -


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- Energy harvesting is a booming business at the level of watts to kilowatts and there is now reason to believe that lower power versions will also have considerable success over the coming decade. Electrical and electronic equipment needs less and less power and energy harvesting is producing more power, energy storage becoming more useful as well. This is underwritten by both strong demand for high power already and a recent flood of important new inventions that increase the power capability and versatility of many of the basic technologies of energy harvesting.

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This unique 213 page report has 173 figures and tables. It reflects the new reality that energy harvesting - creation of off-grid electricity where it is needed, using ambient energy - is now one subject from microwatts for wireless sensors to kilowatts for vehicles and buildings. This is because it increasingly involves the same technologies, locations and companies. Vehicles, for example, need everything from wireless sensors driven by local harvesting providing milliwatts to traction battery charging from harvesting that can reach many kilowatts. Some technologies previously only capable of signal power are now proving scalable to higher power. It is all one business now but, for the coming decade, the largest addressable value market lies in the range of one watt to 10 kW so this will receive particular attention.

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Only a global up-to-date view makes sense in this fast-moving subject. Therefore the multilingual PhD level IDTechEx analysts have travelled intensively in 2015 to report the latest research and expert opinions and to analyse how the markets and technologies will move over the coming decade. Original IDTechEx tables and infographics pull together the analysis.

Table of Contents

1.1. Definition and characteristics
1.1.1. Definition
1.1.2. Characteristics
1.1.3. Exclusions
1.2. Low and high power is now one business
1.3. Some technologies succeeding faster than others
1.4. Technological options
1.5. EH is sometimes introduced then abandoned
1.6. The needs for EH in the future
1.6.1. Main market drivers and applications
1.6.2. Power needs
1.7. Market overview
1.7.1. Largest value market by power
1.7.2. Examples of high volume needs by number
1.7.3. Difficult to value
1.7.4. Maturity of market by application
1.7.5. Success at all power levels but a problem sector
1.8. Technology success by type
1.8.1. By numbers and potential
1.8.2. Examples of successes and technologies used
1.8.3. High adoption begins with vehicles
1.9. Electric and other vehicles
1.10. EH systems
1.10.1. Anatomy
1.10.2. Transducer options compared for key applications

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