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Which Antivirus Software Is the Best? - Top 3 Antivirus Software 2015


Santa Clara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2015 -- A number of antivirus programs are available today in the market. Among the best programs, is our top recommendation. Quick Heal and Kaspersky is also good. They differ in a great way from other programs of the same genre. Know here, why McAfee is the best antivirus program.

While working with different kind of programs on a computer a number of unwanted programs get installed on your computer which may slow it down or may pose threat to the contents of the PC or to the computer itself. But the basic function of an antivirus is not to protect a computer from unwanted programs. It is programmed to keep the threats away from your computer. But, due to the immense competition in the world of programs, and ant viruses too, do a number of things in order to be the top in the market. Here you can get the top three ant viruses which you can select in order to provide a full-fledged protection to your PC.

#1 McAfee Antivirus is the best antivirus for a number of reasons. Unlike other antivirus programs, McAfee requires a very small place on the hard drive; as a result a user can get space for other important programs to work with. The program not only acts as an antivirus, but it also acts as an anti-malware, which help in keeping away unwanted programs from the computer. The program also prevents programs like key loggers from stealing sensitive data. The thing that makes McAfee a different one is its less space consuming nature and it do not slow down the computer. This makes McAfee the top antivirus today.

#2 Quick Heal Antivirus

Quick Heal is also a good piece of program and these too have similar functionalities like that of McAfee antivirus. This software too, do not slow down the computer or consume a big amount of space. A new thing that can be availed with the help of the program is the "Safe Banking Mode" which helps you to start the safe mode of the default browser and other programs to carry out safe online transactions. Quick Heal updates the virus definitions, each time you connect your computer to the internet and a service always acts in the background to check new antivirus definitions, each time they get released.

#3 Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is also a good one because it helps you protect your computer from the time you log in with your username and password. The program has all the features that are necessary today to provide maximum privacy and security to the users. Among the other things, Kaspersky made a great difference in its user interface. The software has a glass finish user interface which matches the best with the newest operating systems.


Though, each time you choose an antivirus, you should also check your budget and the prices of the antiviruse and purchase the one that suit your needs too. The other things that all the antiviruse have now days are automatic scanning of flash drive and the frequent scanning of the files within your hard drive. Thus, choose the antivirus judiciously.

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