ONLINE TRADING & FOREX: How Online Trading Has Been Changed by 50Delta.com – Forex, Stocks, BitCoins

Online trading and forex, stocks, options, and bitcoins trading used to be dominated by the market makers. 50Delta.com is changing this, one successful trader at a time.


Nicosia, Cyprus -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- Online trading has been changed for good by 50Delta. This P2P online trading platform offers equal chances to each participants. As long as the trader is ranked in the top 50% of the trading rooster, the trader makes a profit. That is a 50% likelihood of profiting from trading.

Statistically, only 1% to 5% of the traders trading traditional instruments (forex, options, stocks, etc.) make a profit. There is an astonishing 1000% gap between the expected positive result of a trading tournament versus the other forms of trading.

How is it possible for one person in two to make a profit with online trading? Traders on 50Delta face each other directly, rather than trading with a disadvantage against market makers. That is why traders on 50Delta are able to generate high returns simply by being ranked in the top 50%. Also, considering the P2P nature of this platform, 50Delta allows traders to modify their trades, set automatic triggers, and view the status of other traders, all in real time.

Trading on 50Delta is as simple as:

1) Choosing the Asset(s) and the Amount.
2) Setting the Price Target
3) Waiting to get Ranked, based on the overall performances of all traders
4) Getting Paid, based on Ranking

50Delta is available during regular trading times for forex, stocks, commodities. BitCoin trading is available 24/7. It takes just to be above average to win on 50Delta.com, which asks its users: "do you consider yourself above the average?".

It offers a valuable Forex Glassary and Forex Trading Demo

About 50DELTA
50Delta.com is operating on a patent pending revolutionary trading instrument. It offers a practice/demo zone which operates as the real money mode, enabling a true testing and learning environment.

Frank Roth