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Chorus Communications Hosted Cloud Services Now PCI Compliant


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- As businesses are moving their data over to the cloud, it is vital that they ensure client and cardholder data is secure. A leading provider of cloud infrastructure services in Philadelphia, Chorus Communications also offers PCI compliant hosting for added peace of mind. A server breach when cloud services are not PCI compliant can compromise private financial information. With the company's full range of security solutions, clients who utilize their cloud services will trust customer information is protected from hacks and breaches.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standard (DSS) controls cloud servers to protect valuable data, allowing customers to spend confidently knowing their credit cards and personal information are not vulnerable. Through consistent monitoring of the cloud environment and assessing any vulnerable areas, the cloud computing experts will provide solutions that help businesses meet their security requirements.

Through Chorus Communications, clients are treated to many benefits with their PCI compliance solutions. Installing and maintaining firewall configuration, users will enjoy access restriction policies, annual compliance audits, encryption of cardholder data, and regular updates of anti-virus software and programs. Organizations and business that regularly process credit card data and financial information are required to be PCI certified. There are many services incorporated into the infrastructure set forth by Chorus, including recurrently implementing changes through advanced management and assessments.

When needing to control payment processing to protect customer information, inquire about the hosted cloud based services in Bucks County through Chorus Communications. The company holds the PCI standard to all organizations and web-based retailers who process and exchange cardholder information. To learn more about their services and compliance, please contact the company today.

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With experts in cloud computing, Chorus Communications has been providing technology solutions and telecom services to businesses for over 20 years. As businesses have an increased reliance on technology for productivity in the workplace, the advanced solutions provided by Chorus Communications continue to grow and evolve. The company provides a thorough analysis and creates a customized solution to increase business efficiency. Their partners include Comcast Business Solutions, Verizon, Earthlink, Netcarrier, Sprint, Altiva, and more.

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