Environet Offers Japanese Knotweed Removal Services with Insurance Backed Guarantees


Cobham, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- Japanese knotweed is an invasive and damaging plant. As we enter high growth season, the plant which hides beneath the ground surface in the winter can grow to up to 2.1m in a very short period of time. Homeowners that fail to remove the plant will see ongoing damage. The aggressive and invasive nature means that homeowners found responsible for helping the spread of the plant could face an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Environet UK Ltd, experts in Japanese knotweed removal, provide guaranteed Japanese knotweed eradication services. If left to grow, it can cause significant structural damage to buildings, so it is vital to prevent growth as early as possible. Environet's patented Xtract™ solution and machinery removes the plant completely, ensuring no recurrence or regrowth. Customers can rely on Environet UK Ltd's effective solution which is underpinned by a guarantee from A-rated insurance provider – Lloyds of London.

Homeowners may be surprised to find Japanese knotweed on their property as it can suddenly grow up to 10cm daily. This means that it must be dealt with quickly to reduce the level of damage to as little as possible. Environet's specialised team can remove and dispose of the weed effectively, and will even provide a free 10-minute consultation beforehand.

Speaking more about their Japanese knotweed removal services, one of the representatives from the company stated, "Japanese knotweed and the soil it infests is classified as a controlled waste if it is being taken off site. This means it is subject to all waste legislation under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. It is a criminal offence to consign or dispose of Japanese knotweed in a way that contravenes the regulations. Any material containing Japanese knotweed must be taken by a waste carrier registered by the Environment Agency to a registered landfill site authorised to accept Japanese knotweed."

Environet are pleased to offer a free 10-minute consultancy service for any homeowners or commercial landlords who would like help and advice.

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Environet has been established since 1996 and leads the fight against Japanese knotweed in the UK. They have successfully removed Japanese Knotweed from thousands of commercial and residential sites throughout the UK.

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