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PennTech Machinery Corporation Manufactures Equipment for Aseptic Pharmaceutical Processing


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- Founded in 1992, The PennTech Machinery Corporation manufactures the highest-quality products for pharmaceutical sterilization and aseptic pharmaceutical processing. They provide a wide variety of products with an assortment of sterilization levels for pharmaceutical companies and other businesses performing scientific research. Currently, PennTech Machinery Corporation is announcing their availability to manufacture new equipment for aseptic pharmaceutical processing nationwide.

PennTech has a wide variety of products available for aseptic processing and container sterilization. Their RW-250 semi-automatic vial washer operates perfectly for low-speed biotechnological and pharmaceutical research and treatment applications. This product is used for washing and sterilizing vials for use in medical applications, and can be modified to sterilize water for injection (WFI), heating the WFI to around 80 degrees Celsius, effectively removing or inoculating the majority of bio-burden within the medium.

Vial washers from PennTech are not limited to the RW-250. They have many different sizes and models of vial washers to accommodate businesses of all sizes and requirements. PennTech also helps to speed along the process by providing a wide variety of loading trays and tunnel loading systems. They provide completely customized automatic loading and unloading systems for machines, using freeze drying for medical and pharmaceutical purposes. Their conveyors are built to achieve compliance with both local and federal institutions that inspect pharmaceutical facilities.

Aside from vial washers and sanitary conveyors, PennTech offers many other useful products for aseptic pharmaceutical processing. PennTech also builds sterilization tunnels for their clientele needing to pay close attention to aseptic processing. The tunnels perform continuous sterilization through the use of hot air and steam to disinfect anything within. Aside from sterilization products, they also provide sterile capping machines, so clientele can rest assured that their vials and other equipment are capped and stopped in a sterile environment, without having to worry about not achieving compliance with legal regulations.

The PennTech Machinery Corporation is conveniently located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, on Steamwhistle Drive. For more information, PennTech provides different methods of contact. Interested individuals may contact them by phone at 215-396-2200. Additionally, they can be found by e-mail at Other interested parties may fill out a contact sheet available on their website and a representative will return the e-mail shortly.

About PennTech Machinery Corporation
PennTech Machinery Corporation is a Warminster, Pennsylvania, organization providing aseptic manufacturing for pharmaceutical processing worldwide. They provide high-end vial washing, sterilization and depyrogenation equipment for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and animal health organizations. Every year, their sterilization and aseptic manufacturing expertise helps organizations reach compliance with FDA sterilization validation procedures. Reach them by phone at 215-397-2200.

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