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Benefits Seen with Technology Used by Orthogen LLC for Dental Bone Regeneration


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- Dental professionals around the globe are searching for reliable materials to replace lost bone tissue. In procedures for dental implants and oral surgeries, it is imperative that lost bone be replaced with regenerated vital bone. Orthogen LLC has patented a leading dental bone graft material with innovative nanotechnology. The calcium sulfate based materials have seen a number of benefits and much praise with their treatment applications.

When manufacturing the materials, the microcrystalline calcium sulfate is converted into sub-micron sized grains, which are compressed to form granules sized up to 1000 microns. Once a dental professional places the material in the defected area, the technology used undergoes a controlled degradation over a period spanning 12 weeks. Vital bone regeneration is seen in the defect areas with three to four months.

There are dozens of positive testimonials from dentists that have seen the results first-hand, and Orthogen LLC has created the first material allowed for marketing by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Their materials can be used as a stand-alone product or in combination with other materials. The DentoGen and NanoGen are reasonably priced and produce favorable outcomes for patients.

Through their user-friendly online shop, those in need of effective bone graft material for dental procedures can purchase the products directly from the website. When ordering before 4 pm EST, customers will receive same day shipping and quick delivery for their complete satisfaction. There are pricing discounts when purchasing three or five boxes of both the NanoGen and DentoGen.

To learn more about their products, or to purchase the materials, please visit the website today.

About Orthogen LLC
Originally a division of BioLok International, which is now merged with BioHorizons, Orthogen LLC was established in 2007 to develop and market next generation bone-grafting products for orthopedic and dental applications. Dr. Sachin Mamidwar serves as CEO of the company whereas Dr. Harold Alexander, previously Director of Orthopedic research at Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York serves as a Chairman of the Board. Orthogen offers various products including DentoGen®, NanoGen, collagen membranes, related instruments and sutures for dental applications.

To inquire about the company's products and technologies, please call 877-336-8643.