Top Alternative Medicine Site Urbol Celebrates First Anniversary with Major Updates

Commissioned as a special anniversary "thank you" to readers, new updates delve into some of today's most talked-about medicinal herbs and include special new discounts, Urbol reports


Charlottesville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- Urbol, one of the Internet's top sources of information regarding traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and more is celebrating its first anniversary. Since the site's founding on June 29th of last year at, it has grown to become an active, vital, highly regarded online resource for those interested in a wide range of alternative and complementary medicine approaches. In celebration of the site's first anniversary, Urbol editors have just published a range of eagerly anticipated new guides and articles and have also arranged for special, exclusive discounts for subscribers to the site's popular email newsletter.

"It has been an exciting and rewarding first year for us here at Urbol," company representative Nick Eberle stated, "We're thrilled with the response we have received and committed to delivering even more in the way of what our visitors seek as we enter our second year. In celebration of the milestone of our first anniversary, we're proud to say that a fresh new batch of new content and special offers is now available to our loyal readers and email subscribers."

Although the exact figures vary depending upon the definitions used, so-called alternative and complementary medical approaches are a common part of everyday life around the world. In the United States, for example, the most recent National Health Interview Survey established that nearly a third of all adults in that country regularly seek out and make use of such techniques, a level that has held steady for at least a decade.

Whether that means ingesting fish oil supplements, the single most common complementary health practice among those surveyed, or enjoying the benefits of the fast-growing discipline of yoga, these approaches that stand beside the Western medical tradition clearly mean a lot to many people. Urbol was founded in 2014 to provide a special, focused new source of reliable information for those interested in learning about traditional Chinese medical techniques and the ancient Ayurvedic medicine of what is now known as India.

Thanks to the young site's wealth of original, exclusive content and the practically minded, helpful viewpoints of its editors and contributors, Urbol grew quickly to become a bright new star in the relatively crowded online field. Strong word of mouth and favorable early reviews produced levels of traffic that beat the founders' most ambitious goals and which are still increasing at impressive rates.

For the upcoming first anniversary of the site, Urbol's editors resolved to treat loyal readers to a wide selection of new articles and guides of the sort that have made the website so popular already. In a just-published new article at, for example, they delve into the many traditional uses of Siberian Ginseng, a substance about which Urbol readers have expressed increasing interest in recent months.

In another new article at, Urbol's editors have published the most comprehensive available analysis of another intriguing variety of ginseng, an herb known as "Jiaogulan" that is native to the southern provinces of China. In addition, Urbol editors have also arranged for a fresh batch of exclusive, first-anniversary discounts for subscribers to the site's popular email newsletter. All of the new content is available completely for free, along with newsletter membership, to all visitors to the Urbol website.

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