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Custom Knee High Socks Becoming Popular

Orders for custom knee high socks increase as knee highs are becoming a trendy fashion item.


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2015 -- Knee Highs are making a comeback, boosting custom socks orders.

Originally introduced in the Roman Empire, knee high socks were initially created to protect from the cold and injuries. Mostly used by the military and for sports such as rugby, they became a fashion accessory in the 60's when girls started to wear them with miniskirts.

Now making a comeback, mostly thanks to street, punk and goth fashion trends, knee-high socks are becoming a hot fashion accessory resulting in an increasing number of custom knee high socks orders.

"We've been getting plenty of custom orders for knee-highs these last few months. Some are for street fashion, some are for schools, others are for sports such as soccer, rugby, horseback riding and snowboarding" says MakeMySocks' founder Fred Thorn. He adds "What's new, compared to basic models with stripes that were being made 20 years ago, is that they now feature colorful, bold designs aiming at making statements."

Specializing in sports and fashion socks, Make My Socks focuses on creating personalized knee-highs that are both resistant and comfortable. Their high quality standards have been attracting a wide variety of customers including some popular brands and famous designers.

"We are one of the rare companies manufacturing real custom socks - socks 100% made from scratch based on customers' requirements - and I can tell you that producing all these funky models has been a lot of fun. What strikes me is how creative people can be when designing their models!" Fred adds.

Make My Socks is now already taking orders for the back to school and fall seasons, looking forward to creating more customized knee-highs for its happy customers.

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