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2016 Chinese and Western Horoscopes Astrological Predictions Posted in Sunsigns.Org website is based on horoscopes, astrology and personality based on various aspects which is focused on zodiac-based predictions for the months and the years ahead.


Kolkata, West Bengal -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2015 -- has posted its 2016 horoscope predictions based on the Chinese zodiac, as well as the standard Western astrological calendar.

The website is employing professional astrologers to create very detailed horoscopes, mostly focused on annual and monthly predictions. It uses both the Western zodiac tradition, as well as the Chinese one, separately. Besides these, it has vast additional content on connected aspects. The professionally written and easy to understand articles are on a variety of topics of general interest for readers. The 2016 Horoscope found at is the most notable section of the website at the moment. It predicts on matters like love life, career, health, finances, family, friends, communication etc. The aim is to paint a complete picture of the year ahead, month by month.

In addition, Sunsigns.Org has also posted the Chinese 2016 Horoscope at, with predictions focused on the same aspects of one's life, delivered in the same detailed fashion. Besides the pure zodiac descriptions and predictions, the website's staff regularly provides insight on complementary matters like the lunar signs, the Mercury retrograde times, the herbs suitable to each sun sign and to each month of the year and more. Specialists post additional information that shapes up one's personality and destiny, such as the major planets and their houses, asteroids and other celestial bodies, birth stones, compatible herbs and more information of this kind. There are also practical natural and home remedies which are as essential and directly or indirectly connected to one's well-being. delivers complete information for a certain lifestyle – in tune with nature and its cycles. Apart from the regular prediction posts, readers have access to frequently updated sexual horoscopes for men and women. These are followed by dating tips and advice, based on every sun sign, as well as on gender, so it is easy for anyone to read the part they are interested in. The website contains resources that promote a better understanding between people, based on their specific sun sign traits and not only, as well as a superior understanding of the world around and its manifestations. is aimed at enhancing communication, personal power and relationships.

For a complete picture, the website has become the one stop for all matters connected to astrology and divination: Tarot cards and readings, I Ching, Runes, Numerology and the art and science of compatibility. It informs and instructs on ancient healing traditions from around the world, like Feng Shui. The level of detail is high, which is a characteristic of this website. The most illustrative part is that of the Birthday Personality – a section where individuals can read in detail about their birth date and what it means including videos for each of the 366 days. This is the easiest way to assess the quality of the website and its relevance – by confronting one's knowledge of the self with what the website tells about their birthday.

About website is based on horoscopes, astrology and personality based on various aspects which is focused on zodiac-based predictions for the months and the years ahead.

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