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Keep Kids Safe This Summer with Child ID Bracelets

SmartKidsID’s answer to crowed beaches and amusement parks


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2015 -- Now that the summer break is here and families are starting to travel it is important to think about child safety.

Vacation time means crowded hotel resorts, amusement parks, and beaches. But what to do when a child gets lost – keeping in mind that most families are away from home and children are not familiar with the new places.

SmartKidsID offers a great solution with QR Code child Id/ Medical Id bracelets and Id shoe tags that are fully customizable. These can keep kids safe on-the-go and give parents a peace of mind.

Here is how SmartKidsID works: Each SmartKidsID comes pre-engraved with a unique QR Code that can be linked to a child Id online profile. When a child is lost or in a medical emergency a helper can either scan the QR Code with a smartphone or call the 24/7 help hotline and access the emergency information from the child, call the parents or access any medical information.

This can shorten the time a child is separated from the parents significantly. On the other hand, when a child is missing, the parents can act fast and send a "Missing Child Alert" in seconds from their account to lifeguards, staff of amusement parks, or authorities. With this feature a detailed description of the child including a photograph of the child can be distributed to other people that assist in the recovery of the child as fast as possible. Please watch our short video about "How to help a child that is wearing a SmartKidsID" and our "Explanatory Video"

SmartKidsID is the perfect and easy solution for any family that loves to travel and visit crowded places.

Products are waterproof and when not wearing an Id bracelet around the wrist, the shoe tags can be attached to almost everything – bathing suits, flip flops, back of the pants, car seats, etc.

SmartKidsID are reusable and information can be updated online as often as needed.

It's a great new technology that helps keep children safe.

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About Liv & Leo, Inc.
Liv & Leo, Inc., a San Diego based company is specialized in 'SmartKidsID' wearable child Id safety products. It is owned by C. Thieler, a mom of three children who created SmartKidsID as an easy solution to keep kids safe with child id/medical Id bracelet that can significantly shorten the time a child is separated from a parent and make it possible that a child with a medical condition is being helped in the right way when parents can't be around. Products are available at SmartKidsID Shop.

Free child Id profiles are available at No purchase necessary.