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Avrek Law Firm Wins $1.25 Million Settlement on Behalf of Police Brutality Victim Jaime Duran

Jaime Duran suffered two broken legs after being beaten by deputies of the Kern County Sherriff’s Department, and Avrek Law Firm secured $1.25 million compensation for the victim.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2015 -- Jaime Duran is a Bakersfield man allegedly beaten by deputies of the Kern County Sheriff's Department, and filed a law suit against them. Criminal charges were never filed against the deputies, but Jaime Duran asked the civil courts to rule their actions unconstitutional. Avrek Law Firm police brutality lawyer Maryam Parman represented Duran, and sought $1.25 million in damages after he suffered two broken legs.

The suit claimed Duran was arrested and beaten with no cause, and a civil suit enables Duran to have his case heard by a jury. Jaime Duran's attorney Maryam Parman of Avrek Law Firm therefore filed a civil suit against the Kern County Sheriff's Department, and two of their deputies, namely Aaron Nadal and Asencion Plaza.

The suit made clear that Duran was "intentionally arrested and beaten without justification" by the deputies, and a victim of police brutality. Officials said Jaime Duran was chased by deputies after a truck near Duran burst into flames. They said Duran resisted arrest and was beaten. The suit alleged the deputies "struck and beat him without provocation." District Attorney Lisa Green decided not to file charges because they could not get a conviction.

Maryam Parman, Duran's attorney, made a statement the victory, "In contrast to the DA we felt this would be a slam dunk conviction. I think the people of Bakersfield and the County of Kern deserve a lot better. We saw justice for our client, for whom the beating was a violation of his constitutional rights."

The suit also alleged the Sheriff's Department failed to provide adequate training and discipline. In an interview, Duran told 17 News the beating destroyed him, "I feel they ruined my life. I can't play football. I can't play soccer. I got a lot of post trauma. I can't sleep at night. I walk with a cane."

Despite the settlement, Deputies Nadal and Plaza are still employed with the Kern County Sheriff's Department.

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