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Shiny Grin Launches New Search Service for Residents of Louisville, KY Looking for Dentists


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2015 -- This year, it will be easier and faster to find dental services in Louisville, KY. Many regards go to the new website, From this website, people can find any dentist in Louisville KY by simply searching for them. Most of the services offered by dentists from Louisville include refilling of teeth by addition of composite material.

Moreover, there are lots of useful information found in the website. For instance, the dentist will always work best when he/she has knowledge of any chronic condition or any allergies present in the patient's body. This is why patients should always inform their dentist before any action is taken on their teeth. For many years, residents in Louisville Kentucky have been relying on word of mouth to find dentists but this is not the most efficient technique.

"Imagine looking for dental services in a location where all the services have been consolidated together for you. By using the search engine present at Shiny Grin, it is easy to locate any dentist in Louisville KY who will meet your preferences. The website also puts the reputation of each dentist in the area hence you can always choose from the best." - says Shiny Grin representative, Dr. Robert J. Wright

There are many dental services which are listed on the website (Link: For instance, the Myofunctional Therapy is a treatment used to improve and establish proper functioning of the oral and facial muscles. There are numerous whitening techniques and a majority of them use fluoride (source: This operation is not painful but some patients are naturally dental-phobic. Highly trained dentists will always be there to take care of their patients.

The other fantastic feature available in Shiny Grin is that people might be required to fill down some of their allergic reactions. This will narrow down their search making their work easier. At Louisville Kentucky, the news concerning a good dentist will always spread like fire by word of mouth. However, what happens if the news doesn't reach you or you are always at work? This is where Shiny Grin's search engine comes in handy. It is possible to simply type the name of any popular dentist you have heard of and get all the information and reviews about them.

Shiny Grin has grouped all the services offered by dentists living in Louisville, KY; general dentistry, children dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, root canal and more.

Even though the website will always make it easier for people to find a dentist, there are some few factors to consider when choosing a dentist; is the dental care high quality? Will the dentist be available for you anytime you need them? Are the treatment costs reasonable? Does the dentist have a good reputation from ads? If a dentist has too many advertisements, it might be sign that he is looking for clients. Most of the best dentists will always have a patient list and you have to make an appointment. In conclusion, you should let the internet work for you when searching for a good dentist in the area.

About Shiny Grin
Shiny Grin is a web portal which was created specifically for Louisville Kentucky residents. The site offers local dentists search services and aggregates reviews and statistics about dental offices within the area. Inside the site, consumers will find guides and dental information to help them access the right dentists for their problem and prepare them for a treatment. Shiny Grin also has a knowledgebase section for maintaining good dental care and the information it offers can serve any consumer interested in keeping a healthy mouth.

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