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VFM Meters Come Up with Special Offers on Fluke 1653b Electrical Meter

The all new fluke 1653b electrical meter has been redesigned to make it all the more rugged and productive. This new version is much more versatile and efficient than the earlier model that belonged to the 1650 series.


Brighouse, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Fluke 1653b Electrical Meter – Faster Readings And Extra Features

This upgraded version is built upon the earlier accomplishments of the 1650 series and offers the following functionalities:

- Fast and accurate high current loop test
- An instant indication of pass/fail for RCD testing
- Customised settings
- The option to select voltage measurement
- Zero adapter facility for test lead compensation
- Extended documentation and memory only for UK models

Fluke 1653b electrical meter comes along with additional accessories that include an earth spike test kit and a remote control probe. This fluke product is backed by a 3-year warranty and has been designed to precisely measure voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity, tripping time, earth resistance and phase sequence. It is supplied with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow instruction manual and fluke DMS software.

Fluke 1653b electrical meter has a simple mechanism with a rotary switch that allows easy selection of test types. This new multifunction tester perfectly blends performance and safety and ensures that the electrical installation is appropriately done and meets the predefined requirements and safety regulations. It can easily diagnose issues in the flow of current and prevent insulation breakdown in circuits and transformers.

Buy The New Fluke 1653b Electrical Meter For Uninterrupted And Safe Working Of Electrical Appliances And Equipment

This quick, handy, and easy-to-use meter can efficiently keep shocks and current leaks at bay by precisely assessing a circuit's ability to employ protective peripherals like RCDs and circuits breakers. It helps in evaluation the effectiveness of protective devices and provides protection to people. It is a perfect tool for testing the functioning of a grounding system. A grounding system is a crucial safety feature employed in residential and commercial structures to keep them protected against lightning and build up of static energy. This installation tester ensures that resistance is well within the permissible limits to ensure the safety of people and property. Buy Fluke 1653B electrical meter with ES165X earth spike resistance kit from VFM Meters and avail special offers on fluke multifunction electrical testers. It is tested for durability and precision prior to its market release and offers active protection of systems and buildings.

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