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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- In May 2015, CCM found that the Chinese alternative energy vehicle industry was developing technology to substitute LFP one which is applied in power Li-ion battery.

Specifically, the local leader, BYD announced that it would launch a new BEV (e6) on the market. This new e6 will adopt LFMP technology to substitute LFP one, which indicates that the scaled application of LFMP in power Li-ion battery will be officially initiated.

Meanwhile, the international leading power Li-ion battery manufacturers supported by the advanced ternary materials, also accelerated their pace in grasping the sales in Chinese market. For instance, LG Chem announced in late May that it had signed the agreement with Great Wall Motor, the Chinese largest SUV and pickup manufacturer, about the supply of NCM power Li-ion battery from 2017.

In addition, as an emerging raw material for Li-ion battery, graphene again captured attention.

In late May, the State Financial Information Center Index Research Institute released the 1st graphene index in the globe. Accordingly, China ranks 3rd regarding the comprehensive development capability for graphene industry, after the US and Japan. This will encourage the domestic enterprises/ organizations to engage themselves in this material development, and furthermore to forward its industrialization.

In May 2015, IMC and Qinghai provincial government primarily reached a consensus to construct a graphene industrial base. Early in March, it announced to build a Changsha graphene and alternative energy vehicle industrial base. Such frequent business activities manifests its determination to forward the graphene industrialization.

Propelled by the increasing demand from downstream Li-ion battery industry, continuous upturns have been seen in the market price of cobalt in China since mid-April 2015, a rise of 4.93% by mid-May.

In late May 2015, BYD announced that it would launch a new BEV (e6) onto the market. This is the 1st vehicle type in which BYD adopted the LFMP technology route. This indicates that LFMP power battery is officially put into large application.

In late May 2015, the 1st-phase Li-ion battery cathode material project of the South Korea-based SK Group in Liangjiang New Dist., Chongqing Municipality was announced to be put into operation soon. The intention is to enable the SK Group to fully make use of the local alternative energy vehicle industry and related IT supporting facilities to further develop its Li-ion battery material business and in reverse to support the development of these local industries with its power energy.

In May 2015, Beijing Easpring announced that its subsidiary will raise funds for the construction of its 2nd-phase project, namely the technological reconstruction and capacity expansion project of new power Li-ion battery cathode materials. This will be beneficial to Beijing Easpring in achieving the application transformation from small Li-ion battery to power Li-ion battery during the accelerated development of alternative energy vehicle industry. Meanwhile, it will fill the capacity gap in the future when the demand outweighs the supply based on its 1st-phase project.

In 2014, Capchem recorded a YoY rise of 11.3% in its full-year revenue. The growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for power Li-ion battery from the alternative energy vehicle industry which was under rapid development last year.

GTIG develops, produces and sells Li-ion battery electrolyte and silane coupling agent through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guotai Huarong. However in 2014, the performance of its electrolyte business grew at a lower speed, lagging behind its main competitors.

In May 2015, Huzhou Chuangya put its new anode material plant into operation. This manifests the enterprise's determination to develop anode materials. Of this, composite anode materials of high capacity and high rate are listed as a key sector in its business layout.

In late May 2015, LG Chem announced the supply partnership established with Great Wall Motor. Meanwhile, it noted the plan to accelerate the construction of Nanjing power Li-ion battery plant. This manifests that the enterprise will take the lead in grasping the growth opportunities in China and will complete the power Li-ion battery production layout in the globe.

At the end of April 2015, China's government departments jointly issued a document about the new subsidy policy for alternative energy vehicle. It is specified that the down-regulation in subsidy will be accelerated, which gives rise to the heated discussion. CCM believes that this may in the short term stimulate the domestic market.

Report Covered:

- IMC vigorously forwarding construction of graphene industrial base
- Strong downstream demand continuously drives up cobalt price in China
- China ranks 3rd regarding development capability of graphene industry
- Tibet Mineral able to produce battery grade lithium carbonate
- BYD begins to largely apply LFMP power battery
- SK Group's Li-ion battery cathode material project to be put into operation
- Beijing Easpring to launch power Li-ion battery cathode material project
- Electrolyte business boosts Capchem's performance
- GTIG lagging behind competitors in electrolyte business growth
- Cangzhou Mingzhu: 20 million m2 dry-process separator project to be put into operation in Q4 2015
- Huzhou Chuangya: dedicated to industrialization of composite anode materials
- XFH Technology to launch graphite anode material production project in Fujian's Yong'an
- Hubei Engineering University successfully reduce costs for producing natural graphite anode materials
- LG Chem takes lead to supply Great Wall Motor with power Li-ion battery
- Down-regulation in subsidy for alternative energy vehicle to be accelerated in 2016-2020
- BYD grasps 1/2 sales in US energy storage market
- China's government departments to check alternative energy vehicle promotion situation in pilot cities
- Tesla unveils batteries for homes, businesses and utilities
- Guangxi Zhuoneng successfully produces first batch of 18650 power Li-ion battery
- China's output of Li-ion battery reaches 1.04 billion in Q1 2015
- Import and export of major Li-ion battery materials and Li-ion batteries in China in March 2015
- Ex-works prices of major Li-ion battery materials in China in May 2015
- Shenzhen Clou to acquire 13.33% of shares in National Battery
- Desay to provide Li-ion battery packaging service for Huawei

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