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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- In May 2015, paraquat AS again escapes from being listed in the Annex III of the PIC Convention. And the issue on prohibition of paraquat AS will be discussed in the 2017 Conference of the PIC Convention after two years. To be optimistic, the development of paraquat AS can be guaranteed in the coming two years, at least Chinese paraquat enterprises will not face great impact for the moment. Nevertheless, it is still possible that paraquat AS will be listed in the Annex III two years later. Based on the previous experience, the trade of pesticide concluded in this list will be reduced and even be blocked. Obviously, the development of non-AS paraquat is going to be the irreversible trend for China's paraquat industry.

Generally speaking, May is the busy season for the use of domestic herbicides, and the prices are usually high at that time. While in May 2015, the prices of domestic mainstream herbicides do not record significant rises, some even decline. Take glyphosate as an example, its market demand decreases obviously this year; and the intense competition between technical enterprises pulls down the price near to the bottom. Lacking significant advantageous factors, glyphosate price will not rebound in the short term. Most industry insiders hold wait-and-see attitude towards the market and have insufficient confidence to the future market. The average ex-works price of China's 95% glyphosate TC declined by 5.73% compared with that in Jan. For the paraquat, the weak demand forces the technical price to drop continuously. And the ex-works price of paraquat TK decreased by 17.78% over Jan.

Along with the coming date on prohibiting paraquat AS, domestic enterprises are actively developing new substitutes. Glyphosate mixed formulations are the first choice of most medium-sized enterprises.

In Q1 2015, Jiangsu recorded YoY increase of 6.8% in the output of chemical pesticides, a slow growth. Except insecticides, the output of various pesticides saw different degrees of growth.

On 7 May, 2015, the CCPIA announced the list of 2015 Chinese top 100 pesticide enterprises, showing that the pesticide sales increased by 9% year on year. And the ranking varies obviously in top 10 compared with that in 2014.

Shenghua Biok plans to transfer all its equity in Ningixa Gerui to Weifang Rainbow.

In Q1 2015, China's herbicide formulations recorded a YoY growth in export volume but YoY decline in export value, according to China Customs and CCM.

According to the statistical data from the ICAMA, China has 9 herbicide TC obtained registrations in April 2015. Zhejiang Yongnong became the first company to obtain registration on glufosinate-p TC in China.

It is predicted that the average price of paraquat may record slight increase in China in the short term, due to the tight domestic supply.

At the 7th Conference of the PIC Convention held in May 2015, paraquat AS again escaped from the risk of being listed in the Annex III, which means that paraquat AS will not be banned in a short term.

In May 2015, the average ex-works price of pyridine presents a falling tendency in China. However, from the current market conditions, it is estimated that the price will mainly be stable in the short term.

Industry insiders predict that the Management Measures on Recycling Pesticide Packaging Wastes will be formally implemented in the near future. Some insiders propose their opinions and suggestions to impel the successful implementation of the Measures.

Report Covered:

- Analysis on China's glyphosate mixed formulation market——2,4-Dglyphosate
- Growth rate of Jiangsu's pesticide output down by 5.9 percentage points year on year in Q1 2015
- YoY increase of 9% in pesticide sales of 2015 Chinese top 100 pesticide enterprises
- Shenghua Biok plans to transfer all equity in Ningxia Gerui
- Exports of China's herbicide formulations: rise in volume but decline in value
- New registrations of herbicide TC in China, April 2015
- China's paraquat price to go up in short term
- Paraquat AS not listed in PIC Convention
- China's pyridine price records MoM decrease of 8.85% in first half of May 2015
- Management Measures on Recycling Pesticide Packaging Wastes arouses great concern

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