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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- In May 2015, each segment in the Chinese sweetener industry were involved in different situations.

- Saccharin
The US revoked the anti-dumping duty against the saccharin from China. This indicates that Chinese enterprises are allowed to reenter the US market and to further increase the sales. To date there are only 3 designated saccharin producers in China. As the government noted the plan to reorganize Tianjin North and Tianjin Changjie, the industry concentration will be further improved and the disorderly competition amongst enterprises will be relieved.

- Sucralose
Some small enterprises such as Yifan Xinfu withdrew from the market. This to some extent eased the overcapacity and drove up the declining price. In Q1, the export price of sucralose decreased by about 19%, mainly due to the severe overcapacity and the subsequent price war. It is expected that more and more small-scale enterprises will step out of the market. In the long term, the market will recover.

- Sucrose
The stable market since January 2015 was broken, along with fluctuating prices. This is mainly because the import volume of raw sugar was increased, as a lash to the domestic sucrose price. However, it will maintain an upward trend as a whole in the future, in spite of the coming short-term fluctuations caused by the increasing imported raw sugar and the growing demand.

Since late April 2015, the sucrose prices in China and abroad have undergone fluctuations. In the future, the domestic demand, weather conditions and the USD currency trend will play roles in impacting the prices at home and abroad.

On 7 May, 2015, the USITC decided to eliminate anti-dumping duty on the imported saccharin from China. Chinese saccharin enterprises are allowed to again enter into the US market. The repeated anti-dumping investigations made on China-made saccharin can be attributed to the price war induced by the domestic disorderly competition. Hopefully, such competition will be eased, expected to help the industry out of the predicament.

In 2014, Baolingbao recorded a dramatic decline in net profit, mainly because the raw material price rose and the erythritol price dropped. In 2015, Baolingbao will be dedicated to the construction of mobile internet and direct selling channel, so as to promote the sales of its prebiotics products.

On 30 April, 2015, Hubei Yitai released its 2014 full-year financial report, in which the revenue from sucralose recorded a large decline. In order to reduce the production costs and improve the profitability, Hubei Yitai has suspended the sucralose production and has carried out capacity expansion and technological reconstruction. The firm also announced to ascertain the startup time based on the price, so as to gain promising profit after reconstruction.

In May 2015, Yinmore Sugar signed a cooperation agreement with Kunming Railway Bureau, from which the firm achieved a right of bargaining regarding the sucrose railway delivery. This will play a role in reducing transportation costs and enlarging sale.

In May 2015, Shuangqiao Xiamen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Shuangqiao, successfully put its 1 st-phase 200,000 t/a starch sugar project into trial operation. This is expected to give support to Guangzhou Shuangqiao in its market expansion in Fujian Province and even in East China. However, trapped in the sluggish starch sugar market, the enterprise may encounter risks during its capacity expansion.

On 17 May, 2015, ADM announced to completely acquire Meiweiyuan, in a move to step into China's mid-west starch sugar market.

In May 2015, Meihua Bio successfully put its trehalose project into pilot-scale experiment. This will be beneficial to the enterprise in enriching its fermented products and penetrating into the condiment and biopharmaceutical fields.

In Q1 2015, China recorded ups in volume and downs in price regarding the exports of xylitol. It is expected that such a trend will continue in the short term, mainly because the overcapacity in domestic market has not yet been eased.

In Q1 2015, China's exports of sucralose recorded YoY declines in both volume and price. The fall in volume was influenced by Changzhou Niutang whose export volume decreased largely. The price decrease was caused by the overcapacity and the subsequent price war.

Report Covered:

- Sucrose price: fluctuations both in China and abroad
- The US revokes anti-dumping duty on imported saccharin from China
- Baolingbao records significant decline in 2014 net profit
- Hubei Yitai records sharp decline in revenue from sucralose in 2014
- Yinmore Sugar signs cooperation agreement with Kunming Railway Bureau
- Guangzhou Shuangqiao launches starch sugar project to expand markets
- ADM to acquire Meiweiyuan
- Meihua Bio succeeds in pilot-scale experiment of trehalose project
- Ex-factory prices of sweeteners in China in May 2015
- Export overview of some sweeteners and raw materials in China, March 2015
- China's exports of xylitol: ups in volume and downs in price in Q1 2015
- China's exports of sucralose: downs in both volume and price in Q1 2015
- Xi'an Feide establishes strategic partnership with Luisky Food
- Inner Mongolia: output of beet sugar records YoY rise in 2014/15 extracting season
- China's output of saccharin: YoY fall in Q1 2015
- Proactive market explorations made for Natural Care prebiotics functional beverage
- COFCO and CIC to jointly make business integration
- ZCE designates 3 sugar enterprises as white sugar delivery warehouses
- Yongkai Group makes progress in debt alignment
- Nanning Sugar succeeds in financing
- Yifan Xinfu stops operating sucralose project
- Lingyunhai Sugar Group suspends 1 raw sugar processing line

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