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Probiotics Can Prevent Eczema in Babies


Eastbourne, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- A recent study has revealed that pregnant mothers who take 'good bacteria' in the form of probiotics or who feed it to their infant children, reduce the likelihood of their children getting the skin condition, eczema. Eczema is noted by the presence of itchy, inflamed and often red, skin. But recent research has also found that 10% of those who suffer from eczema have typically higher rates of obesity and increased likelihood to smoke. These figures in turn, enhance the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Not to mention, many children see impacts to their identity and self-esteem because the onset of eczema most often emerges throughout childhood.

It is thought that the early contact with micro-organisms helps prevents diseases because the immune system gears up to tackle common bugs at a very sensitive developmental stage. Trials with women taking probiotics whilst pregnant found a 29% reduction in the risk of the skin condition, whilst the risk was even more significantly reduced where the mother was breastfeeding, with a 40% reduction in risk. With more and more women becoming conscious of the increasingly obtuse levels of chemicals and ingredients in their own food and that of their children, it is likely that the news will serve to strengthen the claims of the healthy eating and drinking movement.

About Happy Kombucha
Happy Kombucha are one of the UK's number one suppliers of organically grown brewing ingredients and equipment for the making of raw pro-biotic products. They also specialise in multiple other areas including soap, kefir grains and Indian incense. Being regular commentators on industry updates, a spokesperson had this to say, 'This is of course wonderful news for mothers and their children. It means that there is something that we can actively do to help children live as much of a healthy life as possible. We have always known of the manifold benefits of pro-biotic and raw products, and every day we hear of new research and evidence which strengthens the claims of our client's experiences. We have always firmly believed that it is crucial to look after your body with the best ingredients and this is exactly what we strive to provide with our service.'

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