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New Campaign for Best Garden Landscaping: London Stone Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Recent news has highlighted that the popular television presenter, Melinda Messenger, is set to front a campaign to find the best garden landscaping work in the South of England. The competition is part of an evidently increased interest in garden aesthetics, potentially moving away from the traditional lawn and path combination.

Messenger, who is often associated with her role as presenter on the channel 5 programme Cowboy Builders, is hoping to emphasize the importance of good garden presentation, through the campaign launched by Travis Perkins. Her emphasis extends to the variety of materials and textures which can be incorporated into a garden, often to stunning effect. Particularly popular and notable this season are stone choices, such as patios and pathways, as well as other rock features.

London Stone, a premium and experienced provider of stone paving, have been aware of these trends and were quick to reflect on the publicity gained for garden landscaping in terms of Melinda Messenger fronting the new campaign. With extensive experience providing a wide variety of types and cuts of stone to suit garden spaces, they ultimately know how important this is.

"We think that the campaign and competition for Best Landscape Job is a fantastic opportunity for gardens to be celebrated as creative spaces," A spokesperson told us "And this is not just limited to plants and lawns.

We want to urge people to realise how contemporary and convenient a stone solution for the garden is. It is ideal material, with so many types available, to be incorporated into different landscaping features. This can range from paving, to steps, to set patio areas. Therefore, whether you are thinking of participating in the competition or not, it is still advantageous to be aware of what is popular in regards to the garden. Here at London Stone, we are always willing to talk to you about your landscaping options, and we are pleased that this is an area of increased attention."

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