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E Cig Use Increases: Ibreathe Comments


Oldham, Manchester -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- According to a recent report from Action for Smoking and Health (ASH), the number of e cig users has risen considerably in the UK in the last year. From 2.1 million e cig users last year in the UK, the level is now at an estimated 2.6 million. It is also estimated that most new users or 'vapers' have been former smokers or are still smokers, using e cigs as a constructive medium to cut down in the smoking of tobacco cigarettes.

The increase of e cigarette use as an alternative to smoking is a considerable trend. As e cigarettes contain a water vapour release rather than the thousands of chemicals and smoke found in tobacco cigarettes, they are considered to be a potentially safer alternative. Furthermore they are available in nicotine and non-nicotine options and also a variety of flavours.

About iBreathe
iBreathe are a key retailer in e cigarettes and related equipment, as well as frequent commentators on industry news. They were quick to reflect in light of the recent figures.

"We think that the figures indicate what we believe to be the positive rise in people tending to use e cigs as a method to give up tobacco smoking," A spokesperson said "After all, e cigs do not contain the tar of tobacco cigarettes, so that means considerably less strain on the lungs. This also includes the considerable benefits of being free from unpleasant odours as well as an increasing accessibility to a variety of flavours.

With e-cigarette technology ever-improving and advancing all the time for new specifications. We anticipate that there may be further increases in using e-cigs as a highly constructive way to cut down on tobacco. As they imitate the shape and function of a cigarette, they offer a highly satisfying means of combatting cravings too."

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