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Thermal Imaging Company Launches New Website


Berkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Red Current, a thermal imaging company in Berkshire, has just launched the latest version of their new website. Red Current is owned and run by Kristian Westerhold. Westerhold is proud to reveal his new website which showcases all the services his company now offers. He has recently moved his offices from Basingstoke to Aldermaston in Berkshire and wanted to follow up the office move with a brand new website.

Red Current provides thermography surveys and thermal imaging services to businesses and individuals all over the country. They also sell thermal imaging cameras from their website.

Westerhold comments, "The old website was getting a bit cluttered and disorganised as we added more services, so we decided to make the decision to build a new website from the ground up so it could accommodate the growing list of things that we offer."

The new website took 3 months to build out and design but Westerhold is delighted with the finished product. He goes on to say, "Now when clients enquire about what we do I can direct them to the new website where it is all laid out for them. The website loads quickly, looks clean and professional and most importantly is easy to navigate."

Check out the new site here:

Red Current gets much of their business from the internet and therefore they are very reliant on the search engines like Google and Bing. The search engine companies know that more and more people are searching for and finding businesses from their smart devices like phones and tablets and wanted to ensure their users get the best experience. This is why they have factored in the user experience into their algorithm. Red Current new they had to be compliant with this.

Westerhold goes on to say,"Our marketing people gave us two options which were to build a mobile site alongside our current site or to make our main website mobile responsive. It made more sense for us to make our current website responsive as many of our customers find us on their smart phones when looking for us on the internet."

Red Current are looking forward to driving their business forward with brand new offices and a swanky new website.

Contact Info:
Name: Kristian Westerhold
Company: Red Current Limited
Phone: 0118 996 8102
Address: 4 Zephyr House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK RG7 8JN