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London Forex Open Now Publishing EUR/USD Trade Results


Dorset, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- London Forex Open, the breakout trading strategy system announces the ongoing publication of the EUR/USD currency pair trading results for their popular Forex trading system.

The published results cover the Conservative and Aggressive versions of the strategy. These are the two most popularly traded methods of this flexible three strategy system. The results are published on the companies official Tumblr blog found here, alongside the GBP/USD performance figures.

Results for both pairs are published at the end of each calendar month and show the trade results achieved for the previous month. Each published result provides comprehensive data on the positions taken, the direction of the trade and an indicative number of  pips achieved. Trading notes for each entry are also provided.

Leading trader Phillip Moore, a spokesperson for the strategy adds "The launch of the Tumblr blog and the publication of these results shows the flexibity of this system while at the same time providing a more in depth breakdown of performance. This helps to increase the transparency of the strategy and avoids the 'blackbox' approach to trading that many system providers perpetuate."

While the London Forex Open system focuses primarily on trading the GBP/USD currency pair its use can also be extended to trading a wider range of Forex pairs. European crosses are particularly well suited to trading at this time due to the large volumes of currency exchange and the accompanying volatility arising from these deals.

The foreign exchange markets, or Forex, are the most widely traded and largest of the global financial markets. Each day over three trillion dollars exchanges hands in currency deals for trade and investment purposes. This market is increasingly accessible to retail traders who can now easily trade the movement of currency pairs from around the globe from the comfort of their own home.

About London Forex Open
London Forex Open is a morning breakout trading strategy designed to capture early currency moves at the market open. In existence since 2009, the strategy draws upon the Asian market range principle and combines this with the opening of the London financial markets. It has succeeded in assisting foreign exchange traders around the globe by alerting them to the  potential for key market moves.

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