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Charleston Attorney Group Announces Free Online Chat for Clients


Charleston, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Fred Zimwalt from CAG's technical department, stated that he expects the online feature to improve customer satisfaction and increase the opportunity for new clients to discuss and engage with attorneys on the website. "We hope to make it easier for new clients to reach out to us and discover it we have legal solutions that might be suitable for them. Without the pressure associated with traditional attorney-client relationships", he reported.

Live chat is like having a web-based secretary. Prospective clients in many cases are confronting the most challenging scenario in their lives, like coping with a divorce, bankruptcy, a current arrest or DUI charge, or recuperating from a personal injury. CAG plans to be there for their clients by comforting them in their time of need and giving an instant answer to their own inquiries and upfront questions. Additional advantages to the online chat are that both the client and operator have the opportunity to keep a copy of the online conversation. Visitors can ask to have the transcript sent to them by email giving them immediate access to vital information that they might otherwise remembered incorrectly.

"Offering our web site visitors the capacity to take part in a live chat supplies customer care that proposes easier access to solutions of their legal issues as apparently straightforward as defending yourself in a criminal issue or negotiating a company contract to as complex as filing a suit." continued Zimwalt. " now offers live chat to the list of cost efficient legal options."

The seasoned lawyers at CAG have cleared the air regarding the price of the legal options they are supplying, saying they are offering consulting upfront to discuss most case kinds unconditional and free to prospective customers and now have added the live chat feature to help engage with the clients more easily. When asked in regards to the all-inclusive and advanced thinking of the services, one senior attorney remarked, "that for their customers, their firm provides a host of services from handling business filings to court representation in criminal defense all with the same client focused approach. By adding the online chat feature we have one more opportunity to help serve their clients needs more effectively".

"From filing for divorce and child custody issues to a problematic DUI case or Personal Injury suit we hope that our new online chat feature will enable you to discover if we are a good fit for your legal needs without pressure and upfront commitment. Once we understand their particular legal situation, we can then more clearly outline costs and expectations for our clients. The online chat will help us to start that conversation easier and earlier."

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Charleston Attorney Group is a group of legal experts from Charleston, South Carolina.

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