Yoga Teachers Start Kickstarter Campaign to Publish '84 Yoga Asanas, by Buddha Bose'

Buddha Bose’s collection dates back to 1938 and comprises of 84 yoga postures and 10 mudras with instructions. Never before published in it's entirety, Jerome Armstrong, Ida Jo, and Scott Lamps are looking to publish a book with these 84 postures, and 10 mudras, with 96 photos and descriptions for each asana.


Washington, D.C. -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- The Ghosh's College of Physical Education was founded by Sri Bishnu Charan Ghosh in 1923. Here, the students were trained on a combination of Western and Indian physical and mental health practices known as Yogic Physical Culture. Bikram Choudhury was one of the most renowned students of Ghosh. However, before Bikram, Buddha Bose emerged as one of Ghosh's star students.

Having made remarkable progress within just six months under Ghosh's guidance, Buddha Bose often performed asana and gave demonstrations in front of large crowds. Later on, he wrote and published a book titled 'Key to the Kingdom of Health through Hatha Yoga Vol. 1. The collection being published now includes both those previously published 24 asanas, and an additional, unpublished until now, 70 intermediate and advanced postures.

In order to uncover the interesting facts about Buddha Bose, Jerome Armstrong, Ida Jo, and Scott Lamps met Buddha Bose's family in Calcutta, India. The trio believes that this valuable collection will provide a pristine view of how Buddha Bose and Bishnu Ghosh formulated and advised the asana practice of Hatha yoga.

A modern day Ghosh Yoga Practice Manual is also available along with 84 Yoga Asanas by Buddha Bose. Written by Ida Jo and Scott Lamps, this manual serves as a practice guide. It provides detailed instruction for poses typically kept to the inner circles of yoga practioners.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched recently to take care of all expenses for this project. This project will only be funded if at least $13,000 is pledged by July 31, 2015. It is important to note here that Jerome, Ida, and Scott have no intention to earn a profit from this project. "Our motive is not to profit from this publication. We seek to further expand access to this healthful system for the benefit of all. After costs and expenses are covered, we intend to use the excess amount to further yoga training of family members and students in Calcutta," Jerome says.

The great-grandson of Buddha Bose, Pavitra Shekar Bose, along with his mother Chitralekha, who was a senior yoga assistant of Buddha Bose, will write the introduction to this publication.

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About Buddha Bose
Buddha Bose was the "star pupil" of Bishnu Ghosh in the 1930s. Bose's book Key to the Kingdom of Health Through Yoga, Volume 1 contains 24 yoga postures, featuring beautiful, large pictures and detailed instructions. Volume 2 was never published, it was unknown if it even existed.

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