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Six Pack Factory Expands Their Remit to Help People Develop the Ultimate Biceps with New Workouts

Six Pack Factory is no longer all about the abs, with a new series of editorials and guides committed to helping people develop the ultimate biceps in a dedicated new section.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- When men think about the ideal body, it always includes a six pack. This most fundamental bodily asset requires considerable muscle development and very low body fat, making it difficult to achieve in a busy modern lifestyle. Six Pack Factory was created to help people overcome the obstacles on the road to perfect abs, and has been hugely successful in that endeavor; so successful that they have expanded their site to include guides to optimizing other parts of the body, including the biceps.

The new bicep workouts are hugely varied, including ways for people to boost bicep size both at home and in the gym, with advanced equipment or rudimentary tools, or even simply using callisthenic body resistance. This allows people to choose their preferred style of muscle building, concentrating on either mass or density and toning. People can even start with easy exercises and move on to more difficult ones as their success increases.

The new section is part of an ongoing expansion of the Six Pack Factory site, which has moved beyond simply helping people to quickly and effectively create a washboard stomach and has instead become a holistic fitness site for whole body workouts and advanced nutrition.

A spokesperson for Six Pack Factory explained, "We are committed to helping people build their ultimate body, and without having to spend the earth to do so. Our ab program was revolutionary in that it was hugely effective and entirely free to use, creating significant body transformation in just six weeks. We are now collating a series of articles that will provide a similar resource for the biceps, perhaps the second-most important part of the body that men want to sculpt and develop. We envision similar success for our users with this program as it develops."

About Six Pack Factory
Peter Carvell's combination of personal experience, education and obsessive drive to teach people all around the world saw him create the ultimate free to use six pack resource center online, Six Pack Factory. Peter has created a home workout system which is 100% free and used by over 50,000 people. The site is still regularly updated with new and inventive workout systems together with detailed nutritional plans.

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