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Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Quality control is an industry wide practice that plays a huge role in determining the credibility of an establishment. It helps create goodwill and, nurture long term commitment with customers as well as business partners. In essence, it sets the benchmark, an industry standard that results in fair trade and progressive business.

To this end, it is extremely important that companies hire professionals to make sure their quality control exercises are held systematically and in a manner that allows optimum use of company resources. is one name that can be completely trusted in this regard and it is not just because of the reputation it carries but, because of the tools and techniques in quality testing and control that it employs that make it stand out among the few select top quality control service providers in China.

The company offers a wide range of inspection China services covering a large portion of sourcing China supply chain partners which makes it easy for businesses and corporates as it enables them to have a one stop shop for all their quality control and testing needs.

In terms of services and their comprehensive nature, is the best choice but, what truly makes the world of difference when it comes to getting desired results is the fact that at PTS-QC, it is about speed that feeds the need to stay at the top of the game.

The company is adept at managing business resources, analyze and evaluate practices to generate flash reports which can be obtained right after the inspection is closed. This gives businesses ample opportunity to take action in order to prevent a problem from surfacing.

While speed remains to be a top selling point here, it is also the fact that the company adopts modern day testing techniques with an overseas flair that makes this China quality control giant, an apt choice.

The first Sino-European JV Company, is trained to help companies identify and rectify potential business flaws. It conducts audits, employs testing and other state of the art control mechanisms to help give clients a head start through timely information on key areas of improvement.

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