Experts Provide New Guidelines for Psoriatic Arthritis Patients


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Psoriatic arthritis patients were given the first guidelines that were created to educate doctors about the importance of screening patients with psoriatic arthritis for diseases that usually accompany the disease.

Experts provide new guidelines for psoriatic arthritis patients. These guidelines were designed to improve awareness and let people know that chronic inflammatory arthritis can affect more than just the joints and skin.

Elaine Husni, M.D., Cleveland Clinic's director of the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Center, believes that the psoriatic arthritis comorbidities have been under-appreciated and under-reported. She also added that the guidelines were providing some information that patients should be aware of. Dr. Husni led the group that created the new guidelines.

"It is imperative that patients are treated as a whole and that they are aware of the associated conditions common in individuals with psoriatic arthritis," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

According to The Arthritis Foundation, 30 percent of patients who suffer from the chronic skin condition psoriasis are affected by psoriatic arthritis. It can take several years for this autoimmune type of arthritis to appear after the onset of psoriasis. However, there are some cases when it appeared at the time or before the skin condition developed.

Patients often suffer from scaly and red rash symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. However, patients can also experience swollen and painful joints, general fatigue, reduced range of motion and morning stiffness.

Dr. Husni stated that new research has started to reveal some information about the wider health risks of the condition, and one is cardiovascular disease. He recommended that patients be screened for the condition. Cardiovascular disease is very prevalent mainly because of certain factors, such as obesity and sedentary lifestyle. However, there may be some disease-specific factors that can result in heart disease.

There are other conditions that may be associated with psoriatic arthritis, and they include inflammatory bowel disease and other conditions that affect the eyes, skin and joints. The guidelines will recommend that sufferers be tested for comorbidities so that the proper treatments are identified. Once they are screened, all other potential conditions that are associated with psoriatic arthritis can be identified.

Experts also added that the comorbidities may vary according to the five different subtypes of psoriatic arthritis. They wanted to see how the guideline recommendations could affect the condition and care of the patients. The guidelines have been sent to The Journal of Rheumatology for a peer review process.

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