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Customers to Avail of Oil Change Services from Green Auto Lube Shortly


Spokane Valley, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Use of petrol and other regular fuels in vehicles is increasingly contributing to environmental pollution. To reduce this impact, Green Auto Lube will soon be providing environment-friendly oil change services at affordable prices. The company is a customer oriented preventive maintenance facility which is dedicated to accommodating dependable services. They are keen on reducing the dependency of Americans on foreign oils with the assistance of certified and trained technicians.

Vehicle owners looking for alternative environment friendly options can rely on the services being offered by the company. Apart from lubricating vehicles, this motor oil helps in cooling and cleaning the internal components. It provides exceptional engine protection and reduces wearing off of the engines and oil consumption. As per the recommendations of top vehicle manufacturer, change of motor oil can extend life span of engines. Hence, availing the services of Green Auto Lube will prove to be a great substitute. Besides this, the company will also be providing services of quick oil change in Spokane.

Speaking more about their services of green oil change in Spokane, one of the representatives of Green Auto lube stated, "We are dedicated to bringing you alternative options from what has become the standard in the fast-lube market. At Green Auto Lube, we provide two options to meet your green oil change needs: Re-Refined Oil Change and Bio-Based Oil Change. Using 85 to 89 percent less energy to produce than standard crude oil, re-refined oil is not only great for the environment but great for your vehicle. Bio-based oil change services is yet to start."

About Green Auto Lube
Green Auto Lube will be a customer-oriented, preventive-maintenance facility dedicated to accommodating immediate, honest and dependable service with attention to using American-made bio-based lubricants, and reducing the dependency on foreign oils with accurately trained and certified technicians. Green Auto Lube's main goal is to provide unparalleled customer service and great prices on their re-refined lubricating product line and standard oil changes. They provide complete peace of mind to the client while leaving their facility, with their double check procedure providing complete quality assurance.

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