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Jim McCann, Trainer and Owner of Primal Gym, Instructing at CombatCon This June


Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- The former martial arts competitive fighting champion and current combatives instructor for MMA and kickboxing in Hamilton, NJ, Jim McCann of Primal Gym will be instructing at CombatCon in Las Vegas this June. CombatCon is an annual gathering of martial arts enthusiasts on a national platform that showcases the best that Western Martial Arts has to offer.

Taking place from June 26 through June 28 at the Palms Casino Resort, McCann will show all who attend his class the techniques and strategies for success in combat situations. Having taught in hundreds of seminars over the past decade, he integrates a multi-faceted program to help students learn how to achieve their martial arts goals. McCann is the only instructor from New Jersey at the conference, bringing an innovative and pragmatic approach to his no-holds-barred tactics.

Guests will have direct access to all instructors at the convention, and have the opportunity to hang out and learn from McCann. Previously serving as a combatives instructor for the US Department of Defense, he helps students gain the skills and disciplines for the most effective responses to combat scenarios. Learn the best defense for hand-to-hand combat, ground fighting, knife fighting, unarmed vs. weapons, and combat takedowns.

Those planning on attending can listen to panels about the history of martial arts, participate in classes, and fight in or watch different HEMA tournaments. McCann is excited to return to Las Vegas and experience this lively atmosphere with some of the most passionate fighters and artists around the country. If attending from New Jersey, be sure to stop by and receive an instruction or class from McCann, and inquire about his classes for MMA and boxing near Trenton.

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