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Columbia Pest Control, Inc Warns of Swarmer Threat in Oregon


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2015 -- Columbia Pest Control—recently voted one of the best exterminators in the Portland, Oregon area—today warned that home owners should be concerned if they see swarmers in their home.

Swarmers are best described as looking like "winged ants", and are typically found when leaving their present colony to found another colony elsewhere. This process is typically done in the spring and early summer—and if you see them in your home, the exterminators confirm that this is a sure bet that you may be infested with termites—or about to be.

"Nobody likes to hear that their home may be infested," said Mike Giskaas, owner of Columbia Pest Control. "But it can happen, and it's better to tackle an infestation as soon as possible. Catching a termite infestation early will save a lot of time, money and pain down the road! We would urge anyone who has noticed even just one swarmer in or around their house to call an exterminator immediately."

Termites, like most pests, prefer to hide in the shadows—and it can be hard to spot their presence until they have made a significant impact on the structure of a home through devouring wooden structures and beams—something that can be dangerous, and certainly something no homeowner would want.

One sure-fire sign that a home is infested with termites is swarmers indoors, typically on a window sill or near a light: if any homeowners have noticed this, there is an infestation nearby. Swarmers outdoors is far less troublesome—but does reveal that a termite colony is nearby—and may be attacking another building.

Columbia Pest Control offers comprehensive information on its website regarding termites and preventative measures to take against infestation, and is a firm believer that prevention is better than cure.

Homeowners worried that they may already be infested should contact a professional pest control company.

Those worried about infestation from termites or other pests local to the Greater Portland and Vancouver areas should visit to learn more.

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