Market Volume Has Just Added High-Low Breadth Index to the List of Their Proprietary Indicators

Market Volume, is pleased to introduce a new indicator – High-Low Breadth Index


Bellingham, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 --, one of the leading online stock market research companies, is pleased to introduce the High-Low Breadth index to traders and stock market analysts.

Recently (couple of months ago) introdused new way to analyze market Breadth data by creating High-Low Range charts. Victor Kalitowski, who invented High-Low Range Charts, now created High-Low Range Index as addition to these charts.

While High-Low Range charts are developed for visual analysis of the market Breadth data, there is always a need to have visual data transformed into an algorithm which could be used in atomating and which could also be used to represent complex visual graphs as simple as one summary line.

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As with all Breadth indicators (indicators based on the dvance/decline data), High-Low Range Index could be aplied to market indexes to analyze overal market sentiment as well as it could be aplied to various sector indexes to analyze Breadth in specific market sectors. This new indicator could be used in junktion with other breadth indicators for deeper market analysis. While Advance-Decline Oscillator shows how many stocks are traded up and how many stocks are in decline and Advance-Decline Volume Oscillator shows the volume activity associated with declining and adnacing stocks, the High-Low Breadth Index completes this informtion by reveleaning where the majority of stocks are traded in the relation to their 52-week highs and 52-week lows. The High-Low Breadth Index also shows where the majority of stocks are trending which could be very benefitial in assessing the most probable future market trend development.

About has a strong research team which allows them to create new better ways to analyze market data. Analysis of complex market data and finding useful patterns when huge amount of data are analyzed require high professionalism and this is something that's team has. They have developed number of proprietary technologies which makes them kind of unique in the service of delivering stock market information.

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