Tax Specialist Reveals How People Can File Multiple W-2 Forms


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- In a new article, tax expert and published author Frank Ellis reveals how to handle multiple W-2 forms based on the latest IRS guidelines. Different situations where this can happen are discussed. The information is based on the agency's rules for the 2014-2015 tax season.

For example, a W-2C is used to correct information on a W-2. The author says employers can do this, but both forms have to be filed if they are from different companies. Ellis also states that TurboTax Online and H&R Block Online handle combined income calculations automatically, while importing W-2 information.

In the instance of duplicate W-2s, sometimes an employer will add information on the second that didn't fit on the first, but only one has to be filed. The article also covers cases where multiple W-2s come from the same employer, but have different amounts. Online filing is useful here because one can enter all the amounts to total it all up.

Next, the author provides a series of reasons why people receive multiple W-2s. People who had different jobs throughout the year may be in this situation. There are also various internal factors that can cause employers to issue multiple forms.

If one is not sure why multiple forms were received, the article says the person should contact payroll. The most important thing is the names, addresses, and EINs are accurate. Payroll departments can always correct errors.

Articles such as this provide valuable information for taxpayers who may not know all the important details. Also, IRS rules change every year. Important details are explained in simple terms and taxpayers find out exactly what to do in instances such as receiving multiple W-2s.

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