Jazz Music Video Celebrating Classic Cars: Elektrojazz Road Movie Premiere

Danish band Elektrojazz presents a jazz music video featuring classic cars. This rare 4 minute groove jazz road movie tributing the legendary Dodge Challenger is now premiering on the band´s Youtube channel.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TC1FnZgn3c

This is the official (and by far the only) music video to the song "Groove Challenger" from the album Cars by Elektrojazz. Just like the album itself, the video is a tribute to classic cars. The title "Groove Challenger" refers to the seventies muscle car Dodge Challenger. Unfortunately, that specific car was not available for the video shoot. Instead, the four full size Elektrojazz members were squeezed into a 1960s shoe box sized Fiat 500.

As with most serious music videos, not too much attention should be put into interpreting the story or the meaning with this road movie. Intellectual rationalisations about the movie by the bands enlightened audience are of course welcome.

In case the video is not presented prime time on national TV, the Youtube board of directors has promised to deliver bandwith enough to make sure that all jazz and car aficionados can watch it on the popular online video streaming service found at youtube.com.

Elektrojazz album Cars has been mentioned in car and music media worldwide, including prominent sites such as wired.com, autoblog.com, petrolicious.com and classicdriver.com. Each track on the album is dedicated to a specific car model, voted for by car and music lovers around the world. Other track titles on the album include Lambo Mambo, Maserating and Aab Urbo.

Full cast:

Anders Larson - Fiat 500 driver

Anders Rose - front seat passenger

Matthias Petri - left back seat passenger

Andreas Svendsen - right back seat passenger

Music by Anders Larson & Elektrojazz http://www.elektrojazz.com

PS. The fact that the band members car park currently is populated by a Citroen Xantia, a Ford Mondeo, a Volvo estate and a bicycle should probably be kept a secret.

Media Contact:
Business (band name): Elektrojazz
web: http://www.elektrojazz.com
Contact person: Anders Larson (bandleader and composer), info@elektrojazz.com