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Investor Property Finance Publishes Exclusive New Guide to Hard-Money Lending

In-depth new look at an important financing tool for investors is the most useful and comprehensive available anywhere, Investor Property Finance reports


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Investor Property Finance, one of the Phoenix area's top private lenders, published at the company's website a brand new guide to hard-money lending. With property investment activity in the Valley of the Sun at all-time highs, many investors are seeking sources of funding for their projects. The new Investor Property Finance guide to hard-money lending provides a detailed, informative look at what is often one of the best financing options for those involved with property investing or who have other specialized goals.

"Real estate investing is, in many ways, a distinct world of its own, and it can be a confusing one to newcomers," Investor Property Finance representative Craig Hoebing said, "We're happy to be able to cut through some of the confusion with our brand-new guide to hard-money lending, a key tool for many of the most successful property investors. We think our comprehensive new guide, available for free to visitors to our homepage, is the best way of all to learn about this important option."

Although most Americans are familiar with long-term, asset-backed loans like home mortgages, professional property investors must typically look elsewhere for financing assistance. Because many investors intend from the start, for example, to sell properties soon after buying them, traditional lenders are often less than interested in working with them.

One alternative that many property investors find valuable is the style of financing known as "hard money" lending. Instead of basing their decisions on an evaluation of a particular borrower's credit history, income level, and other common indications of credit worthiness, lenders who specialize in this style of financing stick strictly to the value of the property in question and the viability of the proposed deal.

That approach allows them to provide the kinds of quick, accessible financing that property investors are often looking for as they move from one project to the next. Investor Property Finance is one of the Phoenix area's leading lenders of this kind, regularly offering financing on everything from short-sale properties and bank REO listings to a range of other distressed properties and unusual situations.

That makes privately-owned Investor Property Finance a key partner for many of the area's most successful property investors and others who seek out short-term and unconventional real estate deals. It also positioned the company to create the Internet's most valuable and extensive guide to this important style of financing, a document that has now been published for all to enjoy and benefit from at the Investor Property Finance website. Visitors to the company's website can also easily arrange for a free consultation regarding their own real estate financing needs.

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