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New Amazon Fiction Romance Release: The Girl in 29 Across

Debut author KK Fairweather releases inspirational female-centric story through 1040 Park Press.


Tucson, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Just released by 1040 Park Press and debut author KK Fairweather, The Girl in 29 Across is an inspirational fiction novel. The breezy novel details the life of Cait Collins, a beauty confused about her life path. The modeling work she does pays well, but doesn't fulfill her.

A chance meeting of an old high school acquaintance at a coffee shop helps lift her spirits, but her brother's return to town, while welcomed, also brings up their past and the childhood each of them try to forget.

Dealing with her cult-obsessed stepmother and a wickedly horrid event both set her reeling. With the power of love, she strengthens herself to clear out the bad and set her life on the path she'd always dreamed of, leaning into a future of hope.

The inspiring romance is 20K words and has already garnered several good reviews.

"I've always wanted to write and I'm particularly drawn to strong female characters who do the work themselves and don't rely on someone else to come and save the day for them," says KK Fairweather.


Her hair was longer than it had ever been. It was a rich, golden blonde with glints of buttercream. It was glorious hair; the type of hair that gets looks.

Cait hated it.

"Six minutes! Six minutes!" The director called to the numerous people milling about the dealership. They slowly meandered into place.

Cait put down her sketches and walked over to dealership door. She smiled on cue and posed with the owner to cut the large purple ribbon with ridiculously large scissors. The sun was glaring into her eyes and she did her best to not squint and they pretended to cut the ribbon and open the dealership with a sunny smile plastered on her face.

"Great job, Cait!" said the director who ran around congratulating everyone when it was over. It was a second-rate car dealership opening and Cait cringed that she was doing such silly jobs. But they paid well for a little bit of work and she needed the money.

"Wow, that guy acts like it's a real movie or something," said Bonita, the makeup artist as she was packing her kit to go. Cait fell into a chair and grabbed a bottle of water. It was warm today and she had started to sweat. She downed half of it and laughed. "He's OK," she said.

"There you go, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt," said Bonita. She and Cait had worked on several local shoots and had become friends. Bonita pulled her dark, curly long hair into a bun on top of her head. "Woo, its hot today!" She said fanning herself with the palm of her hand. "You working the Sholman's catalog next week?"

Cait frowned and nodded yes. She had worked the Sholman's department store catalog for three years in a row. It was great money for a few days of work. She couldn't pass it up.

"You don't look too happy about it," said Bonita. "I know 10 girls who would give their right arm to be in your shoes, Pretty Girl. Why do you model if you hate it so much?" She looked at Cait and frowned. "Wait, dumb question. The money, right?"

"Bingo," said Cait. "I know I should be grateful, but I dunno. It's weird…I feel like I'm on display."
"Well, duh! You are. You're a m…o…d…e…l," said Bonita dragging the word out.

Cait laughed." I know, I know. It's hard to explain. Call it a wicked weirdness from my childhood," said Cait. She laughed it off, but just saying the words gave her a shiver.

Book Description:

Caitlyn was beautiful but her beauty, besides providing her with well-paying modeling opportunities, had always been a thorn. Matching wits during a traumatic childhood with her cult-obsessed stepmother and coming through as an adult, alone, caused her to withdraw and question herself and her future. A chance meeting with an old high school acquaintance turns into more than she ever bargained for and after surviving a horrible and scary incident, she finds power in taking control over her life with a new love, who helps her find her inner strength and live her dreams, becoming the woman she was always meant to be.

About KK Fairweather
KK Fairweather is a debut writer of fiction. Her new career comes after a successful run at working in a technical industry. She is married with a daughter and more furry "children." She has plans to write more fiction and loves to particularly write inspiring and female-centric stories.

She lives in the sunny SW and is working on her next novel, due out late Fall 2015.

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