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Klarm Offering Affordable 5 Axis Machining in China


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Klarm Machining is a modern, high-tech and quality-minded CNC machining parts China company specializing in manufacturing precision components and assemblies for the aeronautical, medical and analytical instrument industries, introduces a  true 5 axis turn-mill machining center to support its lean manufacturing operations. This multi-functional turning center features a fusion between a lathe and full five-axis milling platform with a distinctive B-axis configuration, and dual, 24-tool ATC magazines ideal for manufacturing low volume, and high mix of complex parts with critical contours in one easy set-up. As a result, the concept provides the ability to reduce cycle times, increase changeover speed, improve profile milling accuracy, and meet tight tolerances.

The 5-axis technology is equipped with solid machining capabilities which give us the flexibility to simplify our operations and maximize productivity, while taking on jobs with a wide variety of part sizes, materials and geometries. NTMX unique design comes with twin spindles, a single lower turret, a rotating milling head and two front ATC magazines for easier tool management and greater process flexibility, which further lends the machine its competitive advantage. Klarm utilizes this state-of-the-art equipment coupled with over 25 years of industry experience and concurrent engineering to serve growing number of industries and accommodate their on-time/on-budget/on-demand requirements.

The 5-axis machining center makes complex parts on one machine, as opposed to several, by cutting chips on multiple sides of a part at the same time. In addition, the process reduces idle times, increases accuracy, and increases the overall speed of production. Klarm can continue passing on savings to their customers while accommodating for more complex parts and tools.

A 5-axis composite machine can move in the same directions as a 3-axis machine, but can also access all of the undercuts a 3-axis machine can't. In addition, the end mill sweeping provides significant savings in the machining time it would take to produce complex three-dimensional surfaces. Other benefits of a 5-axis system is the compact length of the tools, and that the cutting is done using the side of the ball end mill to increase the life of the tool and produces an ultra-fine cut surface. The M2-5AX's design helps the machine maintain a quick yet accurate feed rate, and constant control performance regardless of the work piece.

With more than 10 years of experience in composite machining, Klarm has a proven record of success. The company has worked on a variety of materials for aerospace and military equipment, and can offer a quick turnaround since their facility runs 24/7. In addition, the company uses a JIT inventory system, so clients will always have a stock of their product waiting, and a computerized production system that ensures they will never miss a shipment.

About Klarm Machining Ltd
Klarm Machining Ltd hopes to turn out to be the greatest CNC machined parts China producer. The firm continuously tries to reach top excellence level in quality. They want to deliver customers with precision parts sold at competitive prices and delivered on time.

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