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Klarm Prototyping Offering Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Solutions


Guangzhou, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Klarm Prototyping is providing Aluminum and Zinc die casting via their in-house tooling department for cutting hard tool from steel. In this process, molten metal is injected inside the cavity. It is done using high pressure which is used for filling thin walls and tiny features. The molten metal then solidifies fast and for ejecting the casting, the die is opened. The tooling varies on various sizes such as single or multi-cavity as per the size of the parts and the required quantity.

Klarm is the most suitable rapid prototype China company for businesses that require to fulfill a project's point in time desperately. They now provide permanent mold casting services at low volume production of aluminum and zinc castings. They make it more affordable for customers by simply eliminating the material and labor costs that are normally linked with sand casting.

The company provides die casting solutions by using their in-house tooling department that possesses consistent geometry as an advantage and durable tooling can produce thousands of parts that rapidly produces hundreds or thousands of castings. In addition to the casting solutions, they prove to be an excellent solution for production parts. Their die casting service is offered through a strategic partnership with a local partner foundry.

One can get the best die casting services and are often a natural progression for RPM parts to move from prototyping and small volumes, to production and higher volumes. Their die casting service is offered through a strategic partnership with a local partner foundry.

What's more, Klarm also offers permanent mold casting solutions and has some special benefits as a durable tooling can produce thousands of parts; can rapidly produce hundreds of castings; and is an excellent option between sand casting and die casting. The tooling can be single or multi-cavity depending on the part size and quantity requirements. Expected tool life can vary based on the tooling material and part geometry. By eliminating the material and labor costs normally associated with sand casting, the casting costs can be made more affordable.

A variety of other services are also provided by the company ,such as tool making, engineering support, machined parts, part repairs, modification and testing and inspection. Klarm can be very useful for different kinds of purposes. The company is perfect for customers with a requirement for high-quality castings with a quantity as low as one piece to 3000 pieces each year.

Klarm offers different kinds of processes to manufacture customer's parts. The ability to select the most appropriate process based on the design requirements of the part allows them to tailor solutions to client's needs.

About Klarm Prototyping Ltd
Klarm Prototyping Ltd strives to turn out to be the most professional rapid prototyping China manufacturer. The firm continuously tries to reach top excellence level in quality. They want to deliver customers with precision prototypes sold at competitive prices and delivered on time.

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