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Main Line Natural Serums Launched Groundbreaking Anti-Aging Serum Rich with Vitamin C


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Main Line Natural Serums, a manufacturer of herbal anti-aging products that has its own research lab in the USA, recently launched an anti-aging serum through Amazon. The Vitamin C rich serum, as claimed by the manufactures, is ideal for retaining facial glow and helps prevent wrinkles. The anti-aging skin care product is also rich with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and other components that are immensely beneficial in preventing signs of aging. They have made a strong claim that the anti-aging skin care solution is effective in getting a glowing and youthful skin. Recently, the owners confirmed that the product is 72% organic and 98% natural.

According to the owners of Main Line Natural Serum, the product contains the permitted level of Vitamin C, which is 20% as per FDA regulations, and adequate amount of pH. They stressed on the fact that both middle-aged and younger people can use the serum as the product falls in the preventive skincare medication category. They added that users of this product can get clearer, moiré beautiful and smoother skin within a few days after starting to use this product. Besides that, the product has its own set of anti-aging benefits that anybody can avail.

One of the senior executives spared a wealth of words on the product, how to use it and its benefits while meeting the press here. He said, "We have said it on a number of occasions that the product should not be used without consulting a practising dermatologist. Though it's an herbal product and has no side effects whatsoever, we recommend everyone to seek advice from certified dermatologists before buying the product. For best results, one should apply the serum twice in a day to a clean and dry skin. Always use a small amount and you would notice significant changes within a few weeks. One bottle of one ounce should last for one and a half month. Again, everybody should read the product manual carefully before using. If used properly, the product has a wealth of benefits to offer".

About Main Line Natural Serum
Main Line Natural Serum is a producer of skincare and anti-aging products.

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Company Name: Main Line Natural Serums
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