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Culinary Carton Brings Home Food Delivery Into the 21st Century


St. Kilda East, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- For individuals who thought home food delivery was a service from a bygone era, Culinary Carton has taken the concept, employed modern techniques, and improved upon the method to provide cooks with all the ingredients for chef-created cuisine delivered directly to consumers' doorstep.

The concept behind Culinary Carton is to help individuals reduce cooking time, foster kitchen confidence and deliver a range of meals that are fun, nutritious and convenient. Home delivery eliminates trips to the market and the quest to find items that may not be locally available. The firm delivers all the fresh ingredients necessary to recreate the menu items offered in the firm's online packages.

The firm offers menus created by Chef Paul Tyas. Food selections are available for those living a vegetarian lifestyle, individuals who prefer meat as the main course, and boxes are available that provide the best of both worlds in combination packs. Culinary Carton ships all the ingredients needed to prepare the meals featured in the menu plans in pre-measured portions to eliminate waste.

Each of the dinners cost less than $9.99 per meal and can be cooked in less than 35 minutes, offering extreme convenience for busy people on the go. Home food delivery can be scheduled at the client's discretion and customers can customize their food boxes to serve from 2-6 people.

About Culinary Carton
Culinary Carton takes the work out of meal preparation and returns the fun to kitchens. It doesn't matter whether individuals are culinary novices or experienced cooks. Recipes and instructions are included with each box. There's no need to pick up fast food, order take-out or wonder what's in the refrigerator. All the ingredients are included to prepare a hot, healthy and nutritious meal in each home food delivery.

Trial and subscription options are available and individuals can register for the firm's free mailing list to receive a new menu and exclusive promotions delivered via email each week without obligation. Menus feature seasonal foods, allowing those who prize variety and unique tastes to indulge themselves anew each week.

The home food delivery provided by Culinary Carton provides families with a cost effective alternative to dining out. Fresh ingredients are delivered to the shopper's door, along with all the necessary items to produce a chef-inspired meal from the comfort of home.

For more information, visit Culinary Carton online.