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The Love Colony: A Futuristic Romantic Comedy


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- Imagine a world in which people find their ideal partners through scientific analysis and a matchmaking computer instead of traditional methods. The concept of online matchmaking has been taken to the absolute extreme. Instead of filling out online profiles and waiting for matches, individuals undergo scientific analysis and are matched by a computer. This is the reality in Jill Thrussell's upcoming short film, "The Love Colony."

Jill Thrussell is a writer, producer, and director with various film credits to her name. Although many film artists specialize in one genre, Thrussell has been involved with a myriad of genres, from romantic comedies to horror films. Her upcoming work, "The Love Colony" is a unique and exciting mixture of romantic comedy and science fiction. Set in a futuristic singles retreat, the film masterfully combines the romanticism of matchmaking, the comedy of a dysfunctional system, and the futuristic elements that science fiction fans love. Individuals vacation at a singles retreat known as the The Love Colony, where scientists perform various tests before a computer named Honey matches couples to ensure ideal genetic offspring. There is even a holographic "bonking room" where couples matched by Honey test their sexual compatibility. Honey is supposed to match couples based on scientific data, however, it is infected by a virus. This virus wreaks havoc on Honey, and the matchmaking results become chaotic to say the least. The remaining plot is a mystery, but it is sure to bring laughter to all audiences.

The plan for "The Love Colony" is simple. There will be four days of film shooting in locations that have been scouted and selected. The film already has a full crew ready to film and edit the production. A composer and experienced camera crew has been secured. A special effects specialist is all that is left to complete the talented crew. Once filming is complete and the production has been fully edited and arranged, it will be distributed via DVD. In addition to DVD release, "The Love Colony" will be entered into various film festivals. With enough support, "The Love Colony" can be made into a full-feature film and grace the screens of viewers worldwide.

Filming a movie is by no means cheap. Although Jill Thrussell is keeping the budget much lower than most Hollywood production budgets, there are various costs associated with producing any film. Because of these costs, "The Love Colony" is being promoted at The majority of the sponsorships will be utilized to pay for filming locations, equipment, and a camera crew, as well as actors and actresses. A great collection of perks are being offered that vary with sponsorship level. These include a film appearance as a background extra, invitations to a festival screening, and even executive producer credits on the film. Help make "The Love Colony" the next hit romantic comedy by sponsoring the film today!

Contact Information:
Name: Jill Thrussel
Phone: 00447538968738
Address: 42 Mayford
Oakley Square
London NW1 1NX
United Kingdom