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Your Grumble Launches New Website for Users to Air Grievances About Life, Politics, Work, and Everything in Between


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- People no longer have to wait until Festivus each year to air their grievances. Your Grumble, an online forum for people seeking to blow of steam and get stress off their chest, is proud to announce the launch of its new website,

Everyone has something or someone that gets under their skin, rubs them the wrong way, or makes them want to set the world straight. Your Grumble is a site dedicated to providing users with a platform to voice their complaints, commentaries, criticisms, grumbles, and worries regarding ordinary everyday matters to globally important issues.

"There are many things in life including people, events, and issues that affect our peace of mind and happiness," said Roy Cooper, founder of Your Grumble. "Our unique forum offers a platform where people can safely and honestly tell the world how they feel about anything and everything as long as it's not offensive or libelous."

Your Grumble offers forum topics including:

- Accountants & Bean Counters
- Animal Cruelty, Abuse & Neglect
- Bad Business Partners
- Dodgy Car Dealers
- Bad & Rotten Bosses
- Crime / Soft Punishment
- Diets that are a waste of time
- Environmental Issues
- Food & Restaurants
- Friends Who Have Let You Down
- Holidays From Hell
- Politics & Politicians
- Schools & Colleges
- Food and Restaurants
- And much moreā€¦

Users who are unable to find a suitable category can submit requests for a new category to fit their topic and a moderator will create it for them. The forum is moderated by a group of individuals, nicknamed the 'Grumbles, but affectionately know as 'The Wise Guys', with each of them having unique personalities with varying insights and opinions.

The Your Grumble forum also includes headline feature categories including 'Star Grumble,' 'Pet Hates,' 'Star Poetic Grumble,' 'Joke Corner,' and 'A Day in the Life of 'The Grumbles.'

For individuals looking to register for the forum and join the compulsive, sometimes controversial, humorous, informative, intelligent, irreverent, serious, and witty conversation, visit to sign up and create a profile.

For more information about You Grumble, please contact Roy at

Roy Cooper