InsideOut: The Inner Revolution Interviews John Davis, Who Links All Three to the Climate and Our Future

On Tuesday, June 23, Beth Green, host of InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, will be conversing with John Davis, a climate activist from Iowa, who will explain major developments regarding climate change: the recent papal encyclical out of Rome, the December UN conference in Paris and the upcoming elections in Iowa. And he’ll share specifics about what listeners can do to awaken government to the need for immediate action on climate change. John is a twenty-year veteran of government service and an activist in the Climate Reality Project, founded by Al Gore. Brought to you by VoiceAmerica on its 7th wave channel, the show airs live Tuesday, June 16, 3-4 pm, Pacific or via podcast any time thereafter.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2015 -- On June 18, the Pope published a ground-breaking encyclical on climate change, and on June 23, 3-4 Pacific, Beth Green will be devoting the next episode of her radio show, InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, to the encyclical out of Rome, the upcoming UN climate conference in Paris and what we, as citizens, can do to impact our government to take definitive action on climate change. Her guest will be John Davis, a twenty-year veteran of government service, a caring grandfather and an Iowa activist for the Climate Reality Project, founded by former Vice President Al Gore.

"John is passionate, informed and concerned for his grandchildren's future" says host Beth Green. "But not only is he busy building political will in Iowa and the Midwest, he also has a particular interest in what the Catholic Church can do and is doing about climate change and social justice, so he has lots to share. We're lucky to have him."

According to host Beth Green, there are many surprising facts about John Davis. He isn't a lot of people's stereotype of a climate activist. The 66-year-old Davis served in the United States government under presidents Johnson through Clinton. His work encompassed intelligence, manpower management, immigration law and restructuring the Department of Defense. He retired in 1993 and started retrieving information on the climate, environment and effects of natural disasters. During that time, he became more concerned, but only when he became a grandfather did he realize he could no longer be a neutral player.

Early 2014 John Davis attended the Climate Reality Leadership Training in New Delhi, India with over 500 others from dozens of nations, and the rest is history. Now energized and transformed from an observer to an activist, in May 2015, John helped with the outreach program for the first Climate Leadership Training in the US since 2012. He currently manages two Facebook groups: Climate Guardians 2015 and the Midwest Climate Reality Leadership Network, and there's much more to come.

"John's story actually exemplifies how, more and more, different kinds of people are being called to take action on climate change," says Beth. "97% of all climate scientists believe that climate change is real and human made, and a recent United Nations polls shows that 80% of the world's citizens are concerned about climate change and 90% want governments to lead us toward zero carbon emissions. And that includes people from nations rich and poor. That's astonishing, especially when you consider that, in our own nation, the government has lacked the will to confront climate change and its threat to our economy, our wellbeing and our future – not to speak of the wellbeing of the world's poor. In fact, the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, Inhofe (R-OK), has claimed that climate change is a hoax or doesn't matter. What could matter more?"

Beth believes that rigid thinking, denial and special interests are blocking our nation from addressing climate change. And that's why she believes the movement is a major focus of what she calls the Inner Revolution. "The Inner Revolution is about Oneness, accountability and mutual support. People are way ahead of government in demanding that we care about our world, take accountability for our destructiveness and revolutionize the way we produce power, grow food and relate to the earth."

InsideOut: The Inner Revolution airs weekly on Tuesdays, 3-4 pm Pacific, on VoiceAmerica.com, 7th Wave channel. It offers a mix of topic-oriented episodes and conversations with guests whose actions and attitudes represent the Inner Revolution. The show is hosted by Beth Green, founder of TheInnerRevolution.org and is co-hosted by James Maynard.

Although just a few weeks old, InsideOut: The Inner Revolution has attracted world-renowned guests and is making waves. Recent guest Dr. Larry Dossey, a pioneer in holistic health care, said about the Beth and her show, "Her grasp of critical problems is sweeping… Do yourself a favor: Tune in. Pay attention. Follow Beth. Your life will be richer as a result." Larry Dossey, MD, author of One Mind.

Beth would be happy to put you in touch with John Davis. She is also available for interviews about her show InsideOut: The Inner Revolution, and/or her non-profit community, TheInnerRevolution.org. Contact Todd Benton, Producer of InsideOut, at 760-731-4855 or todd@theinnerrevolution.org

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